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Birth Injuries

Birth Injuries

  • What are the risks of a C-Section birth? - Caesarean Section procedures can be a life-saving measure for both mother and baby. An emergency or unplanned C-Section is used when the delivery is considerably slowed or stopped, the baby shows signs of distress, or… ...
  • Infections in the Neonatal ICU a problem in the US - Over 2 million people in the United States acquire preventable infections while staying at a hospital, according to professionals with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Even more sobering, premature infants in the neonatal intensive care… ...
  • Cerebral Palsy – Is it Biased? - I ask in this article whether political (or cultural) considerations influence scientific research at the scientist level; that is, is the person or group doing the research slanting their data or conclusions to fit a… ...

Brain Injuries

Brain Injuries

Hospital Mistakes

Hospital Injuries

Medication Errors

Medication Injuries


Misdiagnosis Injuries

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Nursing Home Injuries

Pediatric Care Malpractice

Pediatric Care Injuries

Surgical Errors

Anesthesia Injuries

General Medical Malpractice

General Medical Injuries

  • Study reveals medical malpractice “tort reform” is ineffective - Capping the amount of damages a patient can recover in a medical malpractice lawsuit does not lower healthcare costs or improve patient safety, according to a recent study. New research out of the University of… ...
  • Plaintiff’s Deposition - Your (the plaintiff's) deposition is probably the most important part of a medical case. At CHH no one gives a deposition unprepared. We will meet with all of our witnesses before their deposition to describe… ...
  • Three Stages of Discovery in Medical Malpractice Cases - In most states, there are three stages of discovery in medical malpractice cases. First Stage In the first stage most of the questions are directed to the parties only - the plaintiffs and the defendants.… ...
  • Modes of Discovery - There are different ways for lawyers to get the information they need in discovery. One way is to use written questions called interrogatories. Another is to convene a deposition. A deposition describes the giving of… ...
  • Discovery Stage - Discovery is the term used to describe the investigation process that occurs once a case is filed and answered. Compliance with discovery is mandatory for all parties. The idea behind discovery is that if both… ...
  • The role of the medical expert witness in a medical malpractice case - Medical experts are used to define how a doctor's actions are negligent in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Nearly every patient has who has suffered an unexpected negative medical outcome has questions regarding the actions of… ...
  • Differential Diagnosis Cross - Differential Diagnosis – General You'd agree that whenever a doctor sees a patient with abnormal signs or symptoms he is required by the standard of care to formulate a differential diagnosis, correct? It would be… ...
  • Do I Have A Case? - While a bad outcome from medical care is not necessarily the result of malpractice, the error causing a patient's injury may sometime not be obvious – even to the physicians themselves. It often takes both… ...
  • Settlement Model Helps Victims and Lowers Malpractice Litigation Costs - Recent statistics estimate that medical malpractice cases add anywhere from $30 billion to $55 billion to national healthcare costs each year. This is around 2.4 percent of the yearly healthcare budget in the U.S. Many… ...


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