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Wrongful Death Infographic

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Missed diagnoses of fatal medical conditions are by far the largest cause of wrongful death medical malpractice cases. At Cirignani Heller & Harman LLP, our Chicago wrongful death lawyers have represented hundreds of family members who tragically lost loved ones whose medical conditions were either far different or worse than the illness originally diagnosed by their physicians.

In most cases, errors occur for the most basic of reasons:

  • The doctor did not ask the right questions or did not listen to the patient.
  • The doctor did not perform an adequate examination.
  • The doctor jumped to a conclusion without adequately considering all the possibilities.

Getting Help – Contact a Chicago Wrongful Death Lawyer

Our law firm includes a certified respiratory therapist and two licensed physicians who are also lawyers – we are fully prepared to provide you with dedicated advocacy and comprehensive services. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Chicago wrongful death attorney.

As we have learned in our legal practice, routine is the enemy of good medical practice. Doctors see a patient complaining of certain symptoms that could be caused by a cold virus. They have seen numerous other patients that week with the same complaints. They make a diagnosis of upper respiratory infection and send the patient home with an admonition to take pain relievers, cough medicine, and antihistamines, drink plenty of liquids, and get some rest. They fail to do what is called a differential diagnosis.

Misdiagnoses of Fatal Medical Condition

Unfortunately, if the doctors had done a differential diagnosis, which simply means to go through every medical condition known that could reasonably cause the patient’s symptoms and rule out the most serious ones first, they may have discovered a fatal malady or one that could cause severe brain injury. Approximately sixty percent of our wrongful death cases fall into this category.

Medical Mistakes Leading to Pulmonary Embolism

Doctors routinely place intermittent pressure boots around patients’ legs after surgery, encouraging them to periodically stretch and walk. These are proactive measures designed to prevent blood clotting, which can lead to a pulmonary embolism. A pulmonary embolism occurs when a blood clot travels from anywhere in the venous system into the lung. The treatment of a pulmonary embolus is primarily to prevent a subsequent one from occurring.

A Chicago wrongful death lawyer at Cirignani Heller & Harman, LLP will hold medical professionals fully accountable for failing to recognize certain risk factors or take the appropriate preventative measures to prevent blood clots from forming.

Other Types of Medical Errors That Lead To Wrongful Death

The other major categories of medical malpractice leading to wrongful death include: