Pediatric Malpractice and Caring For Children

Like you, the CHH team knows that one of the greatest gifts in life is the gift of children.

Kids have a unique ability to bring us joy. They show us new ways of looking at things and a different kind of love — innocent, devoted, and trusting. Each attorney at CHH has experienced the privilege of being a parent, and we do not take this privilege for granted.

And as any good parent also knows, children are a tremendous responsibility. We spend countless hours dressing them, feeding them, teaching them, and raising them. And when our children get sick, we take them to the doctor or the hospital. These are scary moments for parents because, unlike adults, children often can’t express themselves, explain their symptoms, or know how or when to ask for help. This is why pediatric medical care providers (doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and the like) receive special training in how to examine, evaluate, and care for children. It’s also why there are unique guidelines, standards, and professional expectations that health care providers must meet when they are treating children. 

When these standards for child medical care are not met, the consequences can be disastrous.

For over forty years, the attorneys of CHH have focused on medical malpractice cases involving children catastrophically injured or killed due to the carelessness of healthcare providers. CHH partners Bill Cirignani, Stan Heller, and Jim Harman have each successfully led numerous cases involving injured children, and have spent collectively over a hundred years learning the intricacies of pediatric medicine. Additionally, CHH attorney Dan Pylman spent the first eight years of his legal career defending the two most prominent children’s hospitals in Chicago before leveraging this expertise to help pediatric victims of malpractice. Dan’s experience also provided him with an incredible opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most respected physicians and health care providers in the field of pediatric medicine, and to become well-acquainted with the medical issues most commonly seen in medical malpractice cases involving children.

You may be reading this right now because you’re wondering whether your child may have been subjected to the negligence of a healthcare provider. If so, even if you are not sure—actually, especially if you are not sure—we encourage you to reach out to CHH today. Different law firms have different specialties; when you work with CHH, you’re surrounded by a team with a depth of experience and a successful track record specifically in pediatric medical malpractice cases. If you call us, here is what we promise: After reviewing your case, we will tell you in plain English what we find, but always, always with the knowledge that we are speaking about your child and not just a case. And if there is a case, we will explain the litigation process so that you understand it, and then walk with you through it until the end, all for the purpose of holding accountable those who may have done harm to your child.