Quadriplegia • Paraplegia • Paralysis

ParalysisLike wrongful death, paralysis injuries can be caused by medical malpractice. Paralysis occurs when either the brain or spinal cord is injured.

There are several ways in which medical malpractice can cause such injuries:

  • a disease or injury is ignored or misdiagnosed until it leads to brain or spinal cord damage;
  • surgery on the brain or spine is done negligently, or post-operative complications are not recognized and treated promptly;
  • surgery, particularly on the heart or aorta, interrupts the blood supply to the spinal cord or brain;
  • a patient does not get adequate amounts of oxygen (due to negligent monitoring for example) during general anesthesia or conscious or deep sedation;
  • spinal anesthesia is performed improperly (wrong kind or too much medication is used for example).

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Our training and experience gives us the ability to recognize medical, surgical and anesthesia errors that cause brain or spinal cord damage when other lawyers miss them. At times the evidence of these errors is so well hidden in the medical records that even physician experts hired by other attorneys to review cases do not find it. If you have suffered a serious injury or the death of a family member, even if another law firm has turned you down, we may be able to find the evidence of malpractice needed to pursue your case.

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At our law firm, we are dedicated to advocating for people affected by medical malpractice, including spinal cord injuries. We are also dedicated to helping people learn how to advocate for themselves so that they can avoid being a victim of medical malpractice. One of our attorneys was a preeminent cardiologist prior to going into law. Together with his partners he writes articles of interest to the lay public regarding medical conditions and medical procedures in order to help people understand healthcare provision better. When your family member has a spinal cord injury or any other type of injury caused by medical or surgical error, you can count on our Chicago paralysis injury lawyers. We will explain all the legal and medical issues in language that you can understand and keep you informed of everything that is happening in your case. Contact us today.

Types of Paralysis Injuries