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The Importance of Informed Consent

Why Is Informed Consent Important?

the importance of informed consentInformed consent is critical to patient safety. To make the best decision regarding your own health, you should be provided with all available information about your situation. Asking questions is important. However, in the middle of a health crisis, it can be hard to remember. Focusing on asking the right questions shouldn’t be your first concern getting well should.

Doctors are more than adequately trained to handle crisis situations. They are required to provide their patients with any and all pertinent information. This includes risks, benefits, levels of experience and alternative options.

Due to this lack of communication, patients are receiving unnecessary treatments and surgeries that are simply moneymakers for the surgeons or hospitals. Nonpublic aid hospitals are financial powerhouses. They are not lacking in funds in any way. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies are making sure of that every single day.

Some of these unnecessary treatments and surgeries are leading to unnecessary injuries and operating room accidents. This perpetuates a completely avoidable cycle, all in the name of profit.

Informed consent is a powerful phrase within hospital walls

Medical informed consent is a powerful phrase within hospital walls. A simple request for this will engage your medical professional and will prepare you for the best possible treatment. While our attorneys have stock in medical malpractice, we hope for a world with fewer victims of medical malpractice. We would rather arm you with the tools you need so you do not need to be one of our clients.

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