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3 Common Causes of Birth Injuries

Common Causes of Birth Injuries

What Causes Birth Injuries? A baby’s injury is always devastating to the parents. It is all the more tragic when it occurs during, immediately after, or even before birth. You go from dreaming about all the possibilities for your child to confronting the harsh reality of the many limitations and challenges that now lay ahead. […]
Birth Injuries + Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Cerebral Palsy: Signs and Symptoms

Cerebral Palsy Kids

Even though it may not be noticeable cerebral palsy is present at birth. Parents and caregivers may not notice the signs until the child becomes a toddler.  This usually happens as they notice their child failing to reach the developmental milestones reached by other children. The signs of cerebral palsy usually show up between […]
Birth Injuries + Pregnancy-Related Injuries

$6.5M awarded in cerebral palsy birth injury case

The birth of a child is a momentous event in the life of any parent. Sadly, for some parents, what should be a joyous and celebratory occasion is instead marred by preventable birth injuries that forever alter the lives of both parent and child. A mother was recently awarded a $6.5 million dollar settlement after […]
Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Mother suffered infection after Illinois doctor botched C-section

A caesarean section is a surgical procedure, and like any other patient in Chicago who undergoes a surgical procedure, a patient who undergoes a C-section must be closely monitored and carefully treated by medical professionals. Women who deliver babies via C-section may experience complications during and after these surgical procedures when their doctors and nurses […]
Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Woman’s healthy pregnancy mistaken for cancer, lawsuit claims

Medical malpractice committed by Chicago doctors, hospitals or nurses may result in minor or temporary injuries. Fortunately, victims may be able to recover compensation for their medical expenses, suffering and lost wages, which may allow victims to move on with their lives and forgive medical professionals for their mistakes. But when medical malpractice results in […]
Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Woman injured after doctor forced abortion, lawsuit claims

Medical malpractice should never be tolerated in Chicago and throughout the U.S., but there are some incidents of malpractice that are especially shocking and extremely difficult for victims, families and the community to understand. For example, a woman recently filed a lawsuit against a Planned Parenthood doctor for forcing her to have an abortion after […]
Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Medications prescribed to pregnant women show adverse effects

Chicago patients rely on doctors for safe care, including the prescribing of medications that are both effective and safe. However, there are times when doctors prescribe medications with potential risks or without proven effectiveness specifically for the patient’s condition. Medication errors are a serious matter, and even more serious when an unborn baby is involved. […]
Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Study shows effects of blood pressure problems during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time, even with morning sickness, trouble sleeping and other first-time experiences. It’s also a time when a woman’s health should be carefully monitored by Chicago physicians to avoid pregnancy-related injuries and birth injuries. For example, not monitoring a woman’s blood pressure during checkups while she is pregnant could be extremely harmful. […]
Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Is it safe for pregnant women to take blood pressure meds?

Newly released information from the journal Hypertension shows that an increasing number of pregnant women are using medication to control their blood pressure. But the use of these drugs could increase the rate of pregnancy-related injuries or birth defects, according to researchers. Some women may certainly benefit from antihypertensive medications, but at the same time, […]
Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Surgical error almost prevents woman from ever having children

Many women in Illinois and throughout the entire U.S. have been fortunate to have the experience of being overcome with joy after first learning that they were pregnant. Unfortunately, many women have also had to experience the tragic loss of a baby after a miscarriage or another reason arising from acomplicated pregnancy. Although miscarriages commonly […]
Pregnancy-Related Injuries

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