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Medical Malpractice & Inpatient Safety

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Despite advancements in awareness, advocation, and litigation, medical malpractice remains a persistent threat to patients – especially those requiring extended hospital stays. A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) sheds new light on the prevalence and severity of these adverse events occurring during hospitalization.  Background Conducted across 11 hospitals in […]
Hospital Negligence + Patient Safety

Patient Rights & Recourse in Medical Malpractice

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As a patient, you have rights. They are designed to protect you from undesired and undeserved medical outcomes. If a healthcare provider violates these rights, you may be entitled to legal recourse. As a proactive patient or victim of medical malpractice, understanding these rights is integral to receiving fair compensation. Patient Rights to Proper Healthcare […]
Patient Safety + Standard of Care

Championing Patient Safety as A Medical Malpractice Attorney

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Your well-being is the ultimate goal of healthcare; every doctor has sworn to uphold it. Still, medical errors are common, sometimes resulting in serious injury. As medical malpractice attorneys, we mainly deal with victims who have already suffered due to negligence. But advocating for your protection isn’t just the theme of Patient Safety Awareness Week—it’s […]
Patient Safety

Patient Safety at Risk in 7 Surgeries Prone to Doctor Errors

7 Surgeries that Put Patient Safety at Risk for Doctor Errors

Most likely you or someone you know has had surgery. Some surgical  procedures are not necessary but can provide an enhanced quality of life. Other surgeries, however, are potentially life-saving or can prevent significant disability – some being emergency in nature. All surgical procedure carry the potential for doctor errors. But recent research shows some procedures […]
Doctor Errors + Patient Safety

How Do I Find a Good Doctor?

How Do I Find A Good Doctor?

Finding a good doctor is one of the most important things we do. Often our search begins by asking our friends, trusted family members, and even our co-workers for their thoughts. That is a great way to start, but our experience has shown that some additional research always yields better results. We are not talking […]
Patient Safety

Blood Clot Patient Safety Tips

Blood Clot Patient Safety Tips

Blood Clots: Risk Factors, Prevention and Treatment Have you ever wondered how a blood clot becomes dangerous? Generally speaking, the ability of your blood to clot is a good thing. When you get a cut, the reason you don’t keep bleeding and bleeding is that your blood contains platelets which make it thicken or “clot.” […]
Patient Safety

Is July a Bad Month to go to the Hospital?

Is July a Bad Month to go to the Hospital?

A study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that teaching hospitals experience an exponential rise in medication errors every July like clockwork – which just happens to coincide with the arrival of new residents and the departure of many of the seasoned staff members. You may want to ask “is July a […]
Medication Errors + Patient Safety

State Urges Patients to Seek Second Opinion on Mammograms Performed At Deficient Imaging Centers Which Pose “Serious Risk to Human Health”

Mammogram Procedure

American College of Radiology cites facility’s practice posed a “serious risk to human health” SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) is urging patients of Hoffman MRI, also known as Hoffman Imaging and Medical Center, and formerly known as Hope Imaging, 2500 W. Higgins Road Suite 830 in Hoffman Estates, to consult their physician […]
Medical Devices + Medical Malpractice + Patient Safety

Be Safe this Holiday Season (Infographic)

Summer Holiday

We hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day holiday weekend. Taking time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family is an important part of our lives.  However, even under the best circumstances accidents happen. Accidents and illness, unfortunately, do not take holidays off and sometimes a trip to the hospital or […]
Patient Safety

Patient Safety Checklist to avoid Doctor Errors

Patient Safety Checklist

Avoiding doctor errors is something everyone wants to do.  After all, a visit to the doctor or a hospital is about feeling better, not worse.  Most of the time patient safety is a high priority for healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, there are times that mistakes are made and patients find themselves worse off than when they […]
Doctor Errors + Medical Error + Patient Safety

7 Steps to Give Proper Informed Consent

Giving Informed Consent

One thing you can always count on during a trip to the doctor’s office is signing some paperwork.  There will probably be an intake document that provides or confirms your information. It should also disclose the reason for your visit. You will also likely have a form explaining your HIPPA rights. Also among the forms you receive, […]
Patient Safety + Surgical Errors

Can Hospitals be Transparent Enough to keep Patients Safe?

Can Hospitals be Transparent Enough to keep Patients Safe?

Patient safety is always spoken of in terms of being the most important factor in healthcare. After all, if the healthcare system can’t keep its patients safe, any good individual doctors or nurses may have achieved is eliminated. Research on harm suffered by thousands of patients every year suggests the current system is far from […]
Patient Safety

Flying is safer than surgery and it is no accident

Flying is safer than surgery and it is no accident

The commercial aviation and the airline industry are subject to very strict government regulation. In the event of a crash, it is not the airline, nor the manufacturer that investigates what went wrong. No, a separate governmental agency, whose job is only to examine transportation disasters, handles the investigation. The accident or crash reports can […]
Patient Safety + Surgical Errors

Infections remain a threat to patient safety

Infections remain a threat to patient safety

Surgical infections are a threat to patient safety for all who undergoes any surgery. The skin is marvelously effective at protecting us from infection, but once that seal is broken, things can go terribly wrong. With any surgery, the incision is necessary and the implement that may be used can itself carry an additional risk of […]
Patient Safety + Surgical Errors

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