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Health information technology is not immune to human error

Health information technology is not immune to human error

Doctors can make mistakes when calculating the proper dosage of a medication. They can fail to read a patient’s chart before prescribing a certain type of medication. In other cases, a patient’s chart may be missing information vital for a doctor to designate the appropriate course of treatment. These are just a couple examples of […]
Doctor Errors + Patient Safety

What do I need to know about informed consent?

Doctor Making Notes

The relationship between a patient and the doctors and nurses treating that patient is a delicate one. Patients have to trust and rely on medical professionals to use their extensive training and experience, but that doesn’t mean patients are okay being left in the dark when it comes to certain medical decisions. This is why […]
Patient Safety + Surgical Errors

Weekend Surgery is Risky for Children

Weekend Surgery is Risky for Children

Any patient undergoing a surgical procedure can be frightened. No matter how routine an operation may be, there are still risks and the potential for complications to arise. When that patient is a child, the experience can be that much more upsetting for the child and his or her parents. Researchers at Johns Hopkins have […]
Patient Safety

Are We Tracking Outpatient Surgery Center Infection Rates?

How Do Outpatient Surgery Centers Track Infections?

While it can be very troubling to hear about outpatient surgery center infection rates, it is important to have this information. Without it, there is no way to recognize patterns and improve patient safety. Unfortunately, there are some facilities for which some of this information is not available. Ambulatory care centers, where many outpatient surgical […]
Patient Safety

Hospital rating system gives prestigious facility a failing grade

The sudden need to seek hospital care for an illness or injury can be nerve-wracking for some folks in Chicago, yet a hospital’s high standards in patient care can help to alleviate any apprehension. Folks might not fully understand the state of their health when they first seek medical treatment, but they trust that hospitals […]
Patient Safety

Many Hospital Mistakes go Unreported

Approximately 13 years ago, the Institute of Medicine issued a milestone report entitled “To Err is Human” on preventable errors in national hospitals that initiated the patient-safety movement. Unfortunately, according to a study conducted in January of this year, not much has changed: six out of seven hospital-based adverse events, mistakes and accidents go unreported. […]
Patient Safety

Thousands of U.S. hospitals under fire for high readmission rates

All hospitals in Illinois and across the country should already be putting the safety of patients first. Patient safety and quality care is often associated with low readmission rates and few incidents ofmedical malpractice. But this fall, hospitals may feel pressured to do more to guarantee patient safety and quality care. After analyzing hospital readmission […]
Patient Safety

Affordable Care Act ensures quality care for transgender patients

Illinois doctors have a commitment to provide the same quality care to all patients at all times. When a doctor discriminates against a patient, the patient could receive negligent medical care. This could cause irreversible harm. All folks should have protection under the 1977 Human Rights Law to be treated with “respect,” but a recent […]
Patient Safety

Will your hospital receive an “A” grade?

In an effort to improve the quality of care provided at hospitals, a familiar concept for evaluating achievement will now be used by one nonprofit group to rate hospitals: letter grades. Consumer Affairs reports that the nonprofit The Leapfrog Group and a Blue Ribbon Panel evaluated over 2,650 hospitals from around the United States and […]
Patient Safety

Are Illinois regulators lax on monitoring bad doctors?

Illinois state regulators are being accused of a severe lack of diligence in policing the holders of medical licenses in the state. In some instances, doctors who have repeatedly engaged in medical malpractice, or have even been accused by patients of sexual misconduct have been allowed to continue to practice. The state of Illinois ranks […]
Patient Safety

Advancements in Technology: A Paradox in Medical Care

Advancements in technology have been a boon to patient safety across the country. When doctors have instant access to the latest in medical treatments, patients’ medical histories and medical references (such as information indicating which medications may be dangerous when taken together) the safety of patients can be improved. However, and paradoxically, putting all of […]
Patient Safety

Closing the Courthouse Doors to American Consumers

How the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Uses Lawsuits to Keep Consumers Out of Court According to, run by the American Association for Justice (AAJ), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce restricts the average American consumer’s ability to file suit when injured by defective products, fraudulent services or dangers at work. Perhaps a bit ironically, the […]
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Patients Rely on Rating Systems to Help With Doctor Selection

Historically, choosing a doctor was easy: you just asked a friend or family member for a referral. And, if you needed a specialist, you asked your doctor. But times are changing. Due to the growth and availability of information on the Web, many health plans now put physician information online along with doctors’ ratings to […]
Patient Safety

Staph Superbug Infests Hospitals

A dangerous, drug-resistant staph germ may be infecting as many as 5 percent of hospital and nursing home patients.  According to a survey by Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, at least 300,000 U.S. hospital patients may have the superbug at any given time.  The bug is called: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which is not susceptible […]
Patient Safety

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