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3 Common Causes of Birth Injuries

Common Causes of Birth Injuries

What Causes Birth Injuries? A baby’s injury is always devastating to the parents. It is all the more tragic when it occurs during, immediately after, or even before birth. You go from dreaming about all the possibilities for your child to confronting the harsh reality of the many limitations and challenges that now lay ahead. […]
Birth Injuries + Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Cerebral Palsy: Signs and Symptoms

Cerebral Palsy Kids

Even though it may not be noticeable cerebral palsy is present at birth. Parents and caregivers may not notice the signs until the child becomes a toddler.  This usually happens as they notice their child failing to reach the developmental milestones reached by other children. The signs of cerebral palsy usually show up between […]
Birth Injuries + Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Opera singer unable to work after bungled episiotomy

Women who are able to deliver a child vaginally may still encounter difficulty or complications. In some cases, a baby’s size or position may interfere with a smooth delivery and a woman may suffer injuries to the vaginal region. When a woman experiences difficulty delivery a baby, some doctors recommend that an episiotomy be performed […]
Birth Injuries

CDC reports decline in number of C-sections performed in U.S.

For an expectant mother, a vaginal delivery is typically expected and preferred. There are, however, cases where the health and very lives of mother and child are at risk. When these types of labor and delivery emergencies occur, doctors and nurses must often act to deliver a baby as quickly as possible which typically means […]
Birth Injuries

Doctor’s failed forceps delivery blamed in baby’s death

The birth of every child is special and unique. For most parents, the labor and delivery of a child culminates with the happy arrival of a healthy baby. However, in cases where complications occur during a baby’s delivery, a very different and tragic scenario may play out. After a normal and healthy pregnancy, a petite […]
Birth Injuries

Jury awards family $55M related to child’s birth injury

When a woman delivers a baby in a hospital, she is hooked up to numerous monitoring devices which record the unborn baby’s vital signs. Nurses and doctors are trained to read these records and must know when fetal monitoring indicates that an unborn baby is in distress. In cases where a baby’s heart rate or […]
Birth Injuries

New definitions may help reduce birth injuries and complications

Expectant parents are often overcome by feelings of anxiety and joy about the impending arrival of a baby. Expectant mothers in particular go the many highs and lows of pregnancy all with the expectation of holding a healthy baby at the end of their long journey. While medical advances have greatly improved prenatal care and […]
Birth Injuries

Formerly homeless woman awarded $7.5M in birth injury case

It’s a sad reality that millions of Americans today live in poverty. Difficult economic times coupled with a job loss or chronic medical condition can quickly result in a family being forced out onto the street. Regardless of economic or social status, these individuals still require and are entitled to receive medical care. A formerly […]
Birth Injuries

Vaginal delivery of breech baby results in injury and lawsuit

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of babies born in the U.S. are delivered via Cesarean section. While the number of C-sections has skyrocketed in recent years, the procedure is still considered major surgery and, many contend, puts both mother and baby at risk. As the result of growing concern over […]
Birth Injuries

Johns Hopkins involved in birth injury suit

In March 2010, an expecting mother was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital. The following February, she and her husband would sue the facility for the complications they believe were caused by the hospital staff. According to the lawsuit, the parents believed that their son had suffered a birth injury in the form of oxygen deprivation. […]
Birth Injuries

Delayed care during labor caused child’s severe birth injuries

A terribly botched delivery that led to the baby being born with severe brain damage has led to a $33.5 million verdict in favor of the child’s parents. Parents in Joliet may be interested to know of this example of a doctor and medical facility being held responsible for birth injuries that have lifelong consequences. […]
Birth Injuries

Midwest hospital settles birth injury lawsuit for $5.25M

Birth injuries can turn any expectant parent’s dream of welcoming a new child into the world into an all-out nightmare. All too often, negligence that occurs during labor, delivery or immediately following delivery causes permanent damage to fragile newborns. When birth injuries do occur, hospitals and doctors can often be sued for damages. In a […]
Birth Injuries

C SAFE device may reduce birth injuries during C-sections

Cesarean sections are among the most common operations in Illinois and around the country as more and more births are conducted using this surgery. One estimate says that up to one-third of births are now done by C-section. While C-sections are sometimes necessary, in many cases the surgeon causes harm to the mother or the […]
Birth Injuries

Study: Eating broccoli sprouts may help to prevent cerebral palsy

There is no cure for babies who are born with cerebral palsy due to birthing errors made by Chicago doctors, or for babies who develop cerebral palsy due to unavoidable factors. However, a new study suggests that something as simple as consuming broccoli sprouts during pregnancy may help to prevent cerebral palsy or minimize the […]
Birth Injuries

Child dies 3 years after suffering brain injury during birth

Just days before turning 3 years old, a boy died from a severe brain injury he had suffered during birth. The boy’s parents and family are devastated by their recent loss, but they are trying to focus on the fact that their child will no longer have to suffer from his injuries that he has […]
Birth Injuries

Study: Therapy may improve cerebral palsy patients’ motor skills

Cerebral palsy is a term that is used to describe disorders that babies may suffer before, during or after birth. Cerebral palsy may affect one’s muscle tone, motor skills or cognitive abilities. The condition may also lead to learning disabilities, problems with one’s vision or speech, and other health complications. The cause of cerebral palsy […]
Birth Injuries

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