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Pharmacy teams in ER may help improve patient safety

Doctors in Chicago write numerous prescriptions each week, and careful consideration should be made by a doctor each time a patient needs medicine in order to protect patients from medication errors, complications or dangerous side effects. Doctor mistakes occur when dealing with medication, varying between incorrect doses, failing to warn a patient of a drug’s […]
Medications and Overdose

Chicago patients beware: Off-label medication use can be hazardous

Medication is a common form of treatment for many illnesses and health complications Chicago patients suffer. While patients place their complete trust in doctors when it comes to prescription drugs, patients should consider asking a few questions before agreeing to take a medication their doctor has prescribed in order to avoid a possible medication error […]
Medications and Overdose

Heart patient medication errors common after hospital stay

Patients are dependent upon Chicago physicians and pharmacists for correct prescription drugs and dosages. Medication errors, including failing to inform patients about negative side effects of prescription drugs, can lead to severe or fatal health problems for patients. Likewise, it is just as critical for patients to adhere to directions as it is for physicians […]
Medications and Overdose

SimplyThick Could be Dangerous for Some Premature Infants

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that premature infants born before 37 weeks should not be given SimplyThick. The FDA warning comes after the agency received 15 reports of premature infants developing necrotizing enterocolitis after taking SimplyThick – sadly, two of the babies died. According to the FDA, the illness occurred in “at least […]
Medications and Overdose

Study Finds Overdoses in Children’s Narcotic Prescriptions

A recent study conducted by the Medical University of South Carolina found a high number of infants’ narcotic prescriptions contain medication errors, putting young children at risk for overdoses. Inaccurate dosing is a particular danger young children because of narcotic drugs’ sedative effects. The researchers identified 19 narcotic-containing drugs most-prescribed to children age zero to […]
Medical Error + Medications and Overdose

Narcotic Overdose and Other Problems

We are frequently asked to review cases where a family suspects that their loved one may have died from a negligent overdose of painkillers (opioid narcotics, oxycodone, etc). In analyzing whether there was negligence we have to look at two things: the patient’s response to drugs, and the doctor’s response to the patient. Let me […]
Medical Error + Medications and Overdose

Antibiotic Overdose

In 2007, 40 million prescriptions of fluoroquinolone antibiotics were given to US patients despite the fact that other antibiotics may be more appropriate or even unnecessary. This is no small matter. The FDA has asked (but not required) makers of pill and injectable fluoroquinolone antibiotics to add a black box warning–the most serious type–to their […]
Medical Error + Medications and Overdose

FDA Wants Better Warnings For Sleep Medications

SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1 The FDA has asked manufacturers of thirteen sleep medications to give stronger, more detailed warnings regarding the dangers of using these medications. Some dangers include sleep-driving, sleep-walking, using the phone, eating and other activities all undertaken without even remembering that they took a pill. Also, there have been reported cases […]
Medical Error + Medications and Overdose

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