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Plaintiff’s Deposition

Plaintiff's DepositionYour (the plaintiff’s) deposition is probably the most important part of a medical case. At CHH no one gives a deposition unprepared. We will meet with all of our witnesses before their deposition to describe what can be expected and to help them do well. A deposition of the plaintiff has three primary purposes.

First, it is the opposing lawyer’s opportunity to meet you and to evaluate you. Do you communicate well? Are you dressed neatly? Do you argue defensively? Are you easily angered? Are you arrogant? Ultimately, they are trying to determine whether a jury will like you and believe you. They then report their findings to their client and the client’s insurance company. Issues like settlement and the value of the case depend much on how these questions are answered.

Second, the opposing lawyer will want to know your story. You will need to be able to recount, as consistently and accurately as possible, the events important to the lawsuit.

Third, a deposition is an opportunity for the opposing lawyer to get you to make damaging admissions. This is always a concern because every case has potential weaknesses.

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