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Surgical Errors | Page 2 | Cirignani Heller & Harman, LLP

Could hospitals improve patient safety using “black box” technology?

Could "black box" technology reduce surgical errors and improve patient safety?

After a tragic plane or automobile crash, we often read that investigators will know more about the incident after they check the “black box.” These devices record data that proves to be crucial in determining what went wrong and under what conditions the accident occurred. The information gathered from the black box can be crucial […]

Weekend Surgery is Risky for Children

Weekend Surgery is Risky for Children

Any patient undergoing a surgical procedure can be frightened. No matter how routine an operation may be, there are still risks and the potential for complications to arise. When that patient is a child, the experience can be that much more upsetting for the child and his or her parents. Researchers at Johns Hopkins have […]

When doctors lose count, patients pay the price

When doctors lose count, patients pay the price

When people go to the hospital for a surgical procedure, there is the expectation that doctors and nurses will treat every patient with a standard level of care. Of course, there is the possibility of a complication arising before, during or after any procedure, but we put faith in the skills and judgment of the […]

Chicago patients may be harmed by medical error reporting flaws

Technological and medical advances have streamlined the work Cook County doctors and hospitals do. Surgical robots have been employed for more than a decade, particularly in less-than-traditionally-invasive laparoscopic surgeries. U.S. Food and Drug Administration safety regulators monitor products, including medical devices, used to treat patients. Health care professionals and product manufacturers are responsible for informing […]

When it comes to surgeons, technical skills matter

When choosing who to hire to remodel a basement or fix a car, consumers are able to read reviews and testimonials. Based on this information, an individual is likely to choose the service provider whose reviews are more favorable. While these types of consumer rating systems are readily available for many industries, the medical field […]

Do Chicago surgeons really leave tools inside patients?

Carelessness is not exclusive to accident-prone people. When you trip over a child’s toy, who’s to blame – the daughter who was told to put away her things or you for not watching your step? Consequences of careless actions vary. An at-home mishap could result in a bruise, cut or, in your daughter’s case, a […]

Surgeon accused of performing operation ‘doomed to fail’

Testimony in a medical malpractice lawsuit against an orthopedic surgeon suggests that the defendant not only botched the operation, but that he should never have tried to perform it in the first place. One expert witness said that the procedure the defendant attempted, inserting a metal plate onto the patient’s clavicle, was like trying to […]

Dentist accused of giving patients hepatitis C

For the first time in American history, a dentist is accused of allowing hepatitis C to spread among his patients. The dentist’s practice has been shut down, but not in time to possibly infect dozens of people. Authorities in the state where the dentist practiced shut down his clinic in late March. Inspectors found at […]

Robotic system may be causing sensitive surgical errors

According to a report filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the manufacturer of a robotic surgery system is listed as a defendant in approximately 30 different product liability lawsuits. Intuitive Surgical is the company and its product is the da Vinci robotic surgical system. Adoption rates for this system have been climbing in […]

Underreported errors for robotic surgery causing consternation

Technological advancements in the medical industry are absolutely crucial. They allow doctors and surgeons to push the boundaries of medicine, hopefully granting us a better quality of life. But there are dangers to technological advancements in healthcare. For one, they may be improperly used, or the medical staffers may not be properly trained to use […]

Surgeon leaves gauze in patient, who suffers for a year

While the following story did not occur here in Illinois, the circumstances of one Canadian woman’s surgery (and the unfortunate aftermath) could happen to anyone in the US. The 52-year-old woman went in for a double mastectomy in 2012, and the surgery was a success — at least on the surface. As the woman was […]

‘Lecter’ surgeon’s license not suspended for months, part II

In our last post, we discussed a surgeon who harmed so many patients with his errors that his colleagues said he was one of the worst they had ever seen. One fellow surgeon compared him to Hannibal Leceter. We detailed several cases of the doctor committing horrific surgical errors against his patients, crippling and even […]

‘Hannibal Lecter’ surgeon’s license not suspended for months

If you heard of a doctor called “the worst surgeon I’ve ever seen” by a colleague and repeatedly compared to fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter by another, you would not exactly be rushing to his office. In fact, you would probably be wondering how a physician with a reputation for committing horrific surgical errors on […]

Man could have lost the wrong testicle due to surgical error

A medical center in California was issued a $75,000 fine by the state’s Department of Health after an unnecessary incision was made during a surgery that occurred in December 2011. According to reports, a 33-year-old man was supposed to have his left testicle removed due to the discovery of a lesion. When surgeons began the […]

Tool fell down patient’s throat during dental procedure

The prospect of going to the dentist creates enough anxiety for many people as it is. What if the dentist fumbled one of the instruments and let it fall into your mouth and down your throat? This frightening surgical error scenario actually happened to a Chicago-area man last November. He went to a dentist in […]

Surgeons operate on wrong side of woman’s brain, damaging it

Wrong-site surgeries are relatively rare, but they do occur more often than anyone would like. In fact, this type of surgical error is often referred to as a “never event,” or a medical mistake that should never happen to patients. Yet, surgeons sometimes operate on the wrong body part. Sometimes they replace the left knee […]

Doctor commits 38 mistakes during surgery, suit alleges

Though most medical professionals are just that — professional — some in Cook, Illinois, may not have their patients in mind all of the time. If a doctor loses her or his focus, it is possible for mistakes to occur. This may be what happened in the case of one woman who recently filed a […]

Chicago hospital investigated for unnecessary throat surgeries

Medical malpractice cases in Chicago usually do not involve federal agents, doctors wearing a wire or criminal charges. But the staff of a for-profit Chicago hospital is dealing with a FBI investigation after allegations arose that surgeons were using their patients as cash cows by performing unnecessary surgeries on them, a particularly sinister form of […]

Another study suggests distractions during surgery are dangerous

Last year, The American Journal of Surgery published a study that analyzed whether sleep-deprivation would affect medical students or not when the students performed new tasks and tasks that they were already familiar with performing. Researchers concluded that the students had to use more energy in order to perform new tasks well when they were […]

Surgeon accused of botching 11 robotic surgery procedures

Last week on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, we had mentioned in one of our blog posts that one surgeon seems to think the only reason patients may be harmed during robotic surgeries is because of human error. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is trying to understand why more patients are being harmed […]

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