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Patient Safety at Risk in 7 Surgeries Prone to Doctor Errors

7 Surgeries that Put Patient Safety at Risk for Doctor Errors

Surgery isn’t an uncommon event for people in the United States. Almost everyone either has had some form of surgical procedure or knows of someone who has. Some of these procedures are not necessary but can lead to an enhanced quality of life. Other surgeries, however, are potentially life-saving or prevent significant disability. Some such […]

Spinal Cord Injuries and Medical Malpractice

Spinal Cord Injuries | Medical Malpractice

A spinal cord injury is a terrible event.  It will change victims’ lives dramatically, leaving them to deal with problems like difficulty breathing, paralysis, and often bouts of severe pain.  Every year around 17,000 spinal cord injuries (SCI) occur in the United States. Unfortunately, 5% of those injuries occur as a result of medical/surgical procedures. […]

Understanding Medical Malpractice (Infographic)

Understanding medical malpractice

Understanding medical malpractice and why it happens can be difficult. This post and infographic will hopefully help. When we go to a doctor or hospital, we put our faith in the ability of our doctors to provide us with a certain level of skilled health care. We do so because one of the most fundamental […]

Patient Safety Checklist to avoid Doctor Errors

Patient Safety Checklist

Avoiding doctor errors is something everyone wants to do.  After all, a visit to the doctor or a hospital is about feeling better, not worse.  Most of the time patient safety is a high priority for healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, there are times that mistakes are made and patients find themselves worse off than when they […]

Doctor Errors, Bad Outcomes, and Medical Malpractice

Doctor Errors, Bad Outcomes, and Medical Malpractice

A bad outcome to a medical procedure is the last thing anyone plans on when going to the doctor.  After all, you go to the doctor to be healed. It is possible, however, that despite a doctor’s best efforts you won’t get better. If a doctor does the best job he or she can do […]

Helping Medical Malpractice Victims Overcome Guilt

Helping Medical Malpractice Victims Overcome Guilt

Victims of Medical Malpractice Often Need Help Overcoming Guilt When a client comes to talk to us about whether they should file a medical malpractice case or not, one of the greatest hurdles that we have to overcome right away is guilt. Surprisingly, when we talk to people about the fact that doctors were responsible […]

Understanding Hospital Negligence

Understanding Hospital Negligence

No one goes to the hospital and thinks of it like staying at a hotel. There is always a risk of a bad outcome. When treatment at a hospital results in injury or death, victims or their families may question whether it was the result of hospital negligence (a form of medical malpractice). As complicated […]

Identifying Common Doctor Errors

Identifying Common Doctor Errors

Complications and bad outcomes are always a possibility in medical treatment. When doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals fail to adhere to an established standard of care and that leads to injury, illness or death, it is a case of medical malpractice. Malpractice can take place at almost any stage of medical treatment — from […]

Helping Medical Malpractice Victims Cope with an Uncertain Future

Helping Medical Malpractice Victims

Helping medical malpractice victims is our sole focus here at CHH. People come into our office because they’re hurting deeply and they want an answer to the pain that they’re feeling. We tell them right off the bat that what we cannot do is fix their pain. However, what we can do is hold people accountable […]

Former surgeon named as defendant in hundreds of lawsuits

Residents around the U.S. and in states like Illinois often turn to doctors and other medical professionals when experiencing pain or other worrisome physical symptoms. From a young age, many people grow up revering doctors and come to regard those men and women who choose the profession as intelligent and compassionate individuals who are focused […]

Laser hair removal treatments pose risk to patients

Laser hair removal has seen an increase in popularity in the United States as more men and women are looking for ways to save time in their beauty routines. Laser hair removal offers many benefits to individuals and has become the number one cosmetic procedure in the country. In 2011 alone, more than 1.6 million […]

Doctor prescribed ‘waiting’ as liver cancer grew worse, suit says

Doctors don’t always push for aggressive treatment when a patient shows signs of a troubling illness. That can be the appropriate strategy in some cases, but in others the doctor may be underestimating the severity of the disease or how quickly it is developing. The result can be very serious if the negligent care is […]

New trial denied in malpractice case involving infant death

The judge in a $6.2 million medical malpractice case has refused the defendant doctor’s request to set aside the jury’s decision or order a new trial. The jury had found following trial that the doctor’smedical negligence caused the death of a 2-month-old infant in 2010. It remains to be seen if the doctor will appeal […]

For many medical malpractice victims, doctor’s apology can help

Many critics of medical malpractice lawsuits may make several generalizations about what they believe the “typical” plaintiff to be. Among these common stereotypes is that many plaintiffs are out to get as much money as possible from the negligent doctor. Supposedly, people who have received poor medical care see the situation as a “payday.” In […]

Organ donation spread fatal rabies to recipient

Receiving an organ donation has risks, as people in Illinois know, but those who need a new heart, kidney or other vital organ to survive rely on the organ donation process to ensure that those organs are safe and free from disease. That system failed in a case where doctors did not determine that an […]

‘Alarm fatigue’ among nurses often leads to missed emergencies

Almost anybody in Illinois who has spent time in a hospital will tell you that it can be a noisy place. Patients are often connected to several machines and monitors that beep, honk and make other noises. These sounds are meant to indicate when the patient is doing well — and when a nurse needs […]

Study: Hospitals cut infection rates by decontaminating patients

A hospital-acquired infection can be deadly. Patients who are being treated at Joliet hospitals are already facing complications that are jeopardizing their health, and adding an infection to the list of one’s health complications may put one’s life in even more danger. In order to ensure patients get the treatment they need and the quality […]

Illinois nursing home accused of ignoring resident’s poor health

When nursing home patients are neglected by nursing home workers in Chicago, they are vulnerable to suffering serious or fatal health complications. Earlier this month, a lawsuit was filed against an Illinois nursing home accusing the facility of neglecting a patient on numerous occasions. The alleged neglect had caused the nursing home resident to suffer […]

Lawsuit filed in Chicago over NHL’s role in player’s overdose

Two years ago at the age of 28, professional hockey player Derek Boogaard died of a pain medication overdose. Last week, the player’s family filed a lawsuit against the NHL in Chicago, alleging that the NHL is responsible for Boogaard’s wrongful death. The family claims that the NHL is responsible for Boogaard’s death because the […]

Nursing home patient died from injuries suffered during fire drill

Choosing a nursing home for a loved one in Chicago is often a lengthy and challenging process for families. Families want to make sure their loved ones will receive the proper care and attention they need and deserve. And in order to trust that a nursing home and its workers will take proper care of […]

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