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Laser hair removal treatments pose risk to patients

Laser hair removal has seen an increase in popularity in the United States as more men and women are looking for ways to save time in their beauty routines. Laser hair removal offers many benefits to individuals and has become the number one cosmetic procedure in the country.

In 2011 alone, more than 1.6 million laser hair removal treatments were done in the U.S., according to the University of California. While many of these treatments are done by physicians and medical professionals specifically trained in laser hair removal, more treatments are being completed by non-physicians and physicians not trained to do these procedures.

As more laser hair removal operations are being performed in medical spas by people without proper certifications, the country has seen an increase in lawsuits against these spas after patients have suffered injuries due to a botched laser treatment.

The increase in lawsuits filed against individuals performing laser treatments in certain medical and non-medical buildings means that more patients are being harmed or suffering complications after having laser hair removal treatments. The increase in lawsuits should be warning to patients about the risks of having laser hair removal in a non-medical setting or by someone without the proper certifications.

One of the reasons some laser hair removal clinics pose dangers to patients is due to the lack of regulations for laser hair removal. Patients seeking laser hair removal treatments should be sure to understand the risks they face and find a physician that is properly trained to perform the procedure to prevent any injuries or complications.

Source: Medical News Today, “Laser hair removal lawsuits on the rise,” Belinda Weber, Oct. 17, 2013


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