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Spinal Cord Injuries and Medical Malpractice

Spinal Cord Injuries | Medical Malpractice

A spinal cord injury is a terrible event.  It will change victims’ lives dramatically, leaving them to deal with problems like difficulty breathing, paralysis, and often bouts of severe pain.  Every year around 17,000 spinal cord injuries (SCI) occur in the United States. Unfortunately, 5% of those injuries occur as a result of medical/surgical procedures. […]

Understanding Medical Malpractice (Infographic)

Understanding medical malpractice

Understanding medical malpractice and why it happens can be difficult. This post and infographic will hopefully help. When we go to a doctor or hospital, we put our faith in the ability of our doctors to provide us with a certain level of skilled health care. We do so because one of the most fundamental […]

Doctor Errors, Bad Outcomes, and Medical Malpractice

Doctor Errors, Bad Outcomes, and Medical Malpractice

A bad outcome to a medical procedure is the last thing anyone plans on when going to the doctor.  After all, you go to the doctor to be healed. It is possible, however, that despite a doctor’s best efforts you won’t get better. If a doctor does the best job he or she can do […]

A quarter of lawsuits against cardiologists allege misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis

At some point, many Illinois residents will either experience cardiac problems firsthand or have a family member who is impacted. When an individual or a family member is diagnosed as having some sort of heart condition, they are typically referred to a cardiologist who may conduct additional tests and procedures. Like all doctors, cardiologists must […]

Medical malpractice law at center of debate in neighboring state

One of the most disheartening situations for any Illinois resident who is dealing with an illness is when their condition gets misdiagnosed. They put trust in their doctor in hopes of figuring out what is wrong with them only to learn, sometimes at a point that may be too late, that the doctor made a […]

Woman sues doctors for failing to diagnose breast cancer

With many illnesses and diseases, prompt diagnosis and treatment is critical. This is especially true when a patient is facing cancer, where early diagnosis and aggressive treatment can sometimes literally mean the difference between life and death. In cases where a doctor fails to diagnose a patient as having cancer, precious time is wasted that […]

Stroke victim’s family sue paramedics who claimed man was drunk

Individuals, who experience a medical emergency while at home, readily rely upon paramedics to quickly diagnosis and provide emergency medical treatment and transportation to a hospital. In many cases, paramedics are credited with preventing a patient from suffering additional injury and even saving a patient’s life. Unfortunately, there are cases in which responding paramedics fail […]

Couple impacted by STD misdiagnosis file lawsuit

When Illinois residents hear the word misdiagnosis, many likely think of cases in which a doctor fails to detect that a patient has cancer or some other life-threatening illness. While there are certainly patients impacted by this type of misdiagnosis, there are others who are lead to wrongly believe they have a disease or illness […]

Hospital sued after unknown substance contaminates vital organ

While most wives deeply love and respect their husbands, few have the ability to literally save their husband’s life. For one man, who was in need of a kidney, his wife was happy to be able to provide the life-saving organ. Sadly, what should have been a successful kidney transplant ended with the kidney being […]

Lawsuit contends doctor failed to properly diagnose and inform

Individuals who suffer from chronic medical conditions and experience bothersome or painful side effects are often desperate to find relief. Doctors who treat patients who suffer from these types of conditions or disorders must therefore be careful to consider a patient’s psychological state when assessing a patient and recommending a treatment plan. In some cases, […]

Lawsuit contends doctors’ mistakes lead to amputation injuries

Any surgical procedure can result in a patient suffering serious and life-altering injuries. One 33-year-old woman recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and doctors who she contends are negligent in causing her to suffer severe and debilitating injuries. Roughly four years ago, the woman underwent a procedure to remove an ectopic pregnancy. […]

Lawsuit blames doctors for failing to diagnose migrated stent

Individuals impacted by a medical mistake must often deal with tremendous physical pain and discomfort. Additionally, these individuals may experience emotional and mental pain and anguish as they are left to deal with a serious injury or permanent disability. Those dealing with the repercussions of a medical error are also often adversely impacted financially as […]

Man misdiagnosed with serious disease sues doctors

Individuals who are experiencing worrisome or painful symptoms often seek the advice of a medical professional. Typically a doctor takes a patient’s vital signs, asks he or she to describe the symptoms and performs an examination. Additionally, a doctor may order diagnostic tests to either pinpoint or rule out certain possible medical conditions. Incidents of […]

Breast cancer misdiagnosis can have fatal consequences

When facing any type of medical disorder, disease or condition; early diagnosis and intervention is key to ensuring for the best possible outcome. This is especially true in the case of cancer where a patient’s prognosis and treatment options often depend on how far the cancer has progressed. According to the American Cancer Society, each […]

Failure to diagnose child’s heart condition leads to brain injury

Individuals tend to visit the doctor or a hospital when they feel ill or are experiencing worrisome symptoms. Even in cases where an individual is coherent and competent, explaining exactly what’s wrong to a nurse or doctor can sometimes be difficult. Those individuals who are not able to express their concerns or discomfort must rely […]

Doctor and hospital sued over misdiagnosis of boy’s appendicitis

The human appendix is a small tube-shaped sac that is located at the base of the large intestines. Despite its existence, doctors don’t really know what purpose the appendix serves as people can live without an appendix. What is clear is that when problems occur with the appendix, prompt diagnosis and medical intervention is necessary. […]

Incidents of misdiagnosis rampant in U.S. health care system

In the last 20 years, the U.S. health care system has vastly changed. Today, many hospitals encourage a culture in which doctors are pressured to see as many patients as possible in a day and rewarded accordingly. As a result, doctors often rush through exams and patients may fail to express concerns and receive adequate […]

Hearing loss blamed on doctor’s negligent action and inaction

Even seemingly simple and routine medical examinations and procedures can result in a patient suffering harm and injury. Individuals who are very young and very old are often most at risk for suffering these types of injuries as they tend to be more physically fragile and may be unable to effectively communicate feelings of pan […]

Podiatrist accused of unnecessary surgery, causing disability

We don’t always give a lot of thought to our feet, at least until they start to hurt or suffer some other problem. Then getting proper treatment becomes very important, so that we can return to our everyday lives. The last thing any of use want is for a doctor to perform unnecessary, invasive procedures […]

Family of woman killed by heart catheter error awarded $10.8M

Imagine losing your spouse to a medical mistake when she is still in her 30s, leaving you to raise three young children. That is the tragic situation one man is in. His wife died in 2011 after a botched catheterization damaged an artery in her heart. The jury in the resulting medical malpractice case against […]

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