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March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month

Brain Injury

It is estimated that more than 1.5 million people suffer brain injuries every year in our country. Brain injuries can cause severe physical and mental impairments, especially when not diagnosed properly and treated immediately. To raise more awareness of the prevalence of brain injuries, their symptoms, and the importance of seeking medical treatment, the Brain […]
Brain Injuries

Understanding Medical Malpractice (Infographic)

Understanding medical malpractice

Understanding medical malpractice and why it happens can be difficult. This post and infographic will hopefully help. When we go to a doctor or hospital, we put our faith in the ability of our doctors to provide us with a certain level of skilled health care. We do so because one of the most fundamental […]
Medical Malpractice

Protecting High School Athletes With Concussions and Head Injuries

With several high school and collegiate athletes dying from head injuries sustained during football games this last year, concern over head injuries and concussions in athletes has become more prevalent around the country. Part of the renewed focus on athletic head injuries is a better understanding of the symptoms and ability to diagnose the condition. […]

Illinois brain injury victim looking forward to bright future

Our Joliet medical malpractice blog often discusses the types of injuries and health complications patients may experience when doctors and hospitals fail to provide proper treatment to patients who are involved in accidents that result in severe brain injuries. Brain injuries must be properly diagnosed and monitored by doctors because brain injuries have the potential […]
Brain Injuries

Man says Illinois doctor’s error caused him to suffer a stroke

Patients in Joliet who undergo surgery or other medical procedures trust that their doctors will perform operations and procedures with the utmost care and attention. Although a surgery or procedure may be routine, doctors must acknowledge that there are risks. Doctors must also acknowledge that their patients’ medical conditions may make them susceptible to suffering […]
Brain Injuries

Illinois man now blind after botched tracheotomy

Medical errors have the potential to cause permanent injuries, especially when a medical error causes a brain injury or brain damage. In one Illinois patient’s case, brain damage resulting from medical malpractice has caused him to go blind and suffer motor deficits. The man filed a lawsuit against several medical professionals last month for causing […]
Brain Injuries

Patient suffers mental disability after injury is misdiagnosed

Brain injuries are often associated with accidents such as motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents or slip-and-fall accidents, but Joliet doctors may also be responsible for causing these serious and disabling injuries when they make medical errors. Some types of medical errors that may lead to brain injuries include: surgical mistakes, anesthesia-related errors, nursing negligence, diagnosis […]
Failure to Diagnose

Research shows recovery from concussions a slow process for teens

Something as simple as a teenager playing soccer or football can result in a serious injury, including a concussion. Brain injuries are a serious matter, and proper diagnosis and treatment is necessary to ensure additional problems don’t arise as a result of the injury. When it comes to treating brain injuries and many other serious […]
Brain Injuries

Medical malpractice contributes to crash victim’s fatal injuries

When Will County residents are involved in serious motor vehicle accidents, they may require immediate medical treatment in order to prevent their injuries from causing permanent damage. If not diagnosed or treated properly, brain injuries sustained in a car wreck could lead to numerous problems, including permanent brain damage. This type of damage could result […]
Brain Injuries

Study suggests pediatricians lack concussion treatment know-how

We rely on doctors to mend and heal us, putting our care and the care of our children under their expertise. When injuries occur, especially brain injuries, the medical care required is often more extensive and highly important. Brain injuries can result in a variety of problems either immediately or later on in life. For […]
Brain Injuries

Joliet hospitals sued for not treating brain injury quickly enough

Earlier this week, a woman filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against two hospitals in the Joliet area on behalf of her 29-year-old son. The lawsuit claims that both hospitals failed to diagnose her son with a traumatic brain injury in a timely manner. As a result, medical treatment was delayed. When brain injuries are not […]
Brain Injuries

Part 2: What are birth injuries and how do these injuries happen?

Earlier this week on our Joliet medical malpractice law blog, we started a general discussion about birth injuries and how some types of birth and brain injuries occur when doctors, hospitals and nurses commit medical malpractice. The birth of a child is supposed to be joyful. But when medical professionals fail to provide quality care […]
Birth Injuries

Part 1: What are birth injuries and how do these injuries happen?

A birth injury can occur when a mother experiences a complicated pregnancy or delivery. Sometimes these complications cannot be avoided. And even when Joliet doctors do properly monitor a woman’s pregnancy, labor and delivery, a baby could still suffer an injury at birth when unexpected complications arise. A birth injury can also occur when Illinois […]
Brain Injuries

Birth injuries can permanently affect Joliet children and families

Our Joliet medical malpractice law blog has covered some tragic stories involving children who suffered injuries during birth as a result of medical negligence. These incidents of medical malpractice are especially tragic because some children who are injured during birth will never be able to recover from their injuries or live normal lives. Children are […]
Birth Injuries

Child’s undiagnosed infection resulted in permanent brain damage

Brain injuries resulting from medical malpractice are commonly associated with birth complications not handled appropriately by doctors, hospitals and nurses. As we mentioned in our previous post on our Joliet medical malpractice law blog, a delayed birth can cause an unborn baby to suffer complications from oxygen deprivation, including brain injuries. But children and other […]
Brain Injuries

Jury finds in favor of teen who suffered brain injury at birth

Seventeen years ago, a woman who was six months pregnant with twins sought medical attention at a hospital because she was worried that she was having contractions. Sometimes doctors are able to safely stop contractions in order to prevent a woman from going into labor too early. When babies are born prematurely, they could suffer […]
Brain Injuries

Parents reach settlement with hospital over baby’s brain injuries

When Illinois medical professionals make mistakes during labor and birth, babies are at risk of suffering serious or fatal injuries. Sometimes these injuries may require only a few extra days of medical treatment before a mother and her new baby can go home in good health. Unfortunately, other mistakes that lead to birth injuries can […]
Brain Injuries

$1.1 million awarded in medical malpractice suit

Mistakes made by a medical provider can be serious and long lasting. For a child who is inflicted with a brain injury due to a medical provider’s negligence it can be traumatic for both the child and the parents. A brain injury might require ongoing medical care throughout life. This is the case for a […]
Brain Injuries

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