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Medical Expertise Helps Identify Surgical Errors

Medical Expertise Helps Identify Doctor Errors During Surgery.

There are many reasons for surgical errors. One is the failure of the surgeon to recognize that a postoperative complication is related to the surgery itself. Some complications occur because a surgeon fails to recognize the unusual anatomy of an individual patient and ends up either cutting something or tearing something that should be left alone. Finally, there are situations where communication errors cause surgical errors. That may be when an operation is done on the wrong patient, the wrong part of the body or where a radiologist, for example, has not properly interpreted a preoperative test.

A surgical error should be suspected whenever there is a bad outcome from a surgical procedure. It takes an experienced attorney who knows medical cases to be able to piece together what happened and to be able to determine if there really was a surgical error that can be characterized as malpractice.

We at Cirignani, Heller & Harman have our special medical expertise and that’s what allows us in, particularly, the early stages of evaluation to see what others may miss. It is not easy necessarily to identify malpractice, sometimes doctors and hospitals try to cover it up, and it takes a certain skill in not only the lingo but the medical expertise to sort things out and identify what really happened.


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