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Wife sues husband’s doctor for fatal painkiller overdose

Last month on our Joliet medical malpractice law blog, we had mentioned that prescription painkiller overdose deaths remain a huge concern in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that one type of painkiller, methadone, is the cause of about 30 percent of all fatal pain-reliever overdoses. Although patients are certainly […]
Medication Errors

Doctors warned to restrict use of dangerous brain stents in patients

When a new medical device is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the medical community and patients alike often have high hopes that the product will significantly improve the quality of life for many folks in Illinois and throughout the entire U.S. But when further research reveals that a device may not be […]
Wrongful Death

Medication error cited in lawsuit after wealthy woman’s death

Mental illness affects millions of people throughout the entire U.S. Some Joliet residents might suffer from depression that is easily managed with medication. Other folks might need more intense treatment in order to help them cope with their mental health issues. Whether a patient’s illness is mild or severe, all patients deserve to be seen […]
Medication Errors

Poor care led to fatal missed diagnosis of kidney infection

Medical professionals in Joliet and throughout the entire state of Illinois see and treat numerous patients for the same symptoms and illnesses every week. But when a doctor treats a patient for concerning symptoms, the most dangerous mistake a doctor can make is to quickly assume that the patient’s symptoms are simply caused by the […]
Failure to Diagnose

Are hospitals forgetting important warnings about surgical clips?

According to statistics, more than 6,200 people had undergone surgery in Illinois and throughout the entire U.S. to donate kidneys in 2010. None of the kidney donor patients had died from the procedures within a month of having surgery. With these success stories in mind, one woman believed that she could help save her brother’s […]
Surgical Errors

Parents of septic shock victim may file medical malpractice suit

Parents may certainly consider screening pediatricians and family doctors in Joliet before choosing which medical professionals they will trust with their children’s lives. Nothing can be more painful than to see a child suffer, and when a child is ill, parents want to be sure that a child’s doctor will properly diagnose and treat their […]
Wrongful Death

Heart patient medication errors common after hospital stay

Patients are dependent upon Chicago physicians and pharmacists for correct prescription drugs and dosages. Medication errors, including failing to inform patients about negative side effects of prescription drugs, can lead to severe or fatal health problems for patients. Likewise, it is just as critical for patients to adhere to directions as it is for physicians […]
Medications and Overdose

Court rules hospital is liable for patient’s death after surgery

After reviewing a medical malpractice case involving the wrongful death of a surgery patient, an appeals court ruled that the hospital was indeed negligent in the case. According to the lawsuit, which was filed by the patient’s husband, nurses at the hospital had failed to follow proper procedures for identifying patients with allergies when the […]
Hospital Negligence

Son says mother died after nursing home left her outside too long

Some nursing home or assisted-living residents in Chicago require more medical care than others. For example, some patients must follow strict diets or therapy and medication regimens in order to keep their health under control. In other cases, staff might only need to make sure that a resident is getting enough exercise and is eating […]
Nursing Negligence

Assisted-living patient dies because of filing error at facility

An assisted-living home resident was accidentally deprived of life-saving CPR in a shocking case ofnursing home negligence earlier this year. Why was the man deprived of CPR? The answer: a filing error. Families in Illinois who place loved ones in nursing homes and other assisted-living facilities might certainly be worried about abuse or incidents of […]
Nursing Negligence

Watchdog group reports patient safety scores for U.S hospitals

The Leapfrog Group, a national healthcare watchdog group, recently released the results of its new patient safety survey. The results reveal that hospital errors are still a problem in Illinois and throughout the entire U.S. These errors can lead to patients suffering undue harm, serious injuries or even a wrongful death. With the help of patient […]
Wrongful Death

Family will receive $6.4 million in wrongful death lawsuit

Many people in Illinois and across the country put their lives in the hands of medical professionals when they are ill. We trust that medical professionals have the experience and training to make decisions that will keep us safe. When mistakes are made that result in a person’s death a family may decide to file […]
Wrongful Death

Man dies from physical activity, doctor held partly responsible

There have probably been plenty of times when you have forgotten to tell someone something you were supposed to tell them. Although this might not have caused any major problems, forgetting to tell someone something probably caused some sort of disruption in plans or tasks. Communication is important. It helps families to organize their busy […]
Doctor Errors

Medical error contributed to ex-Chicago Sun-Times owner’s death

When patients die from injuries caused by medical errors, families often question what other steps could have been taken to prevent these fatal medical mistakes from happening. If a nurse had received better training, would he or she have been able to recognize that something was terribly wrong with a patient? If a hospital would […]
Doctor Errors

Cook County dialysis clinic blamed for patient’s wrongful death

After living in a nursing home for nearly a year, one Illinois woman’s five children were able to devise a plan to bring their mother home while also making sure that the 65-year-old woman continued to receive the medical attention and treatment she needed. “It was just…complete,” one of the woman’s daughters stated after her […]
Nursing Negligence

Family, Chicago facility reaches settlement over patient’s death

While performing surgery, Chicago doctors and other medical professionals present for the operation are required to follow a number of procedures in order to ensure the patient’s safety. This includes monitoring a patient’s vital signs, monitoring the incision site for an infection and carefully examining a patient to make sure that doctors did not mistakenly […]
Surgical Errors

Drinking problems may be impairing some surgeons

Patients undergoing surgery in the Chicago area may understandably be nervous about the outcome of the procedure. Any surgical error or poor quality of care could suddenly lead to a serious injury orwrongful death. While patients and their families would like to believe that all doctors are highly skilled and take every precaution necessary to […]
Wrongful Death

Cook County nursing home sued after patient dies from assault

Earlier this winter, a nursing home patient in Illinois wandered away from his facility without being noticed by the facility’s staff. The dementia patient died of hypothermia before authorities were able to find the missing patient. After investigating the incident, the Illinois Department of Public Health announced that the facility had committed several violations that […]
Nursing Negligence

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