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Surgical error | Page 2 | Cirignani Heller & Harman, LLP

Retained sponge causes patient to suffer permanent injuries

As we have mentioned before on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, there are some types of surgical errors that are 100 percent preventable. Surgical errors that are 100 percent preventable are called “never events” because these mistakes should never happen. So why are these so-called never events still occurring in our country? Why are […]

FDA wants input from surgeons regarding robotic surgery devices

Chicago patients may understand that surgery comes with risks, but patients also understand that certain types of risks can be avoided. A patient should never suffer injuries because a doctor performed the wrong surgery or surgery on the wrong body part. And a patient should never suffer disabling or life-threatening injuries if complications do arise […]

Patient sues doctor for performing surgery on the wrong knee

Last year, a patient underwent surgery to have a knee injury repaired. The man had a torn medial meniscus in his left knee, and shortly before the surgery was performed, the man’s doctor confirmed that he would be operating on the patient’s left knee. But by the time the patient came out of surgery, both […]

Cook County medical center named in surgical error lawsuit

Chicago patients who undergo surgical procedures need to be thoroughly monitored before, during and after surgery. Complications from surgery cannot always be avoided, but doctors may be able to prevent complications from causing serious or fatal injuries when they detect and address any problems right away. Unfortunately, when hospital workers and doctors deviate from the […]

Hospital sued for leaving 16 objects in patient after surgery

Doctors are not perfect and they are susceptible to making errors when treating patients in Chicago. Many errors are minor and cause patients no harm. But when doctors clearly deviate from the standard of care, their mistakes can be devastating, especially when mistakes occur while doctors are treating patients who are already suffering from serious […]

New surgical sponge system improves patient safety at U.S. hospital

Doctors in Chicago are highly competent professionals, but these professionals do make mistakes. However, when doctors make mistakes, patients could be seriously injured or killed. To avoid making dangerous mistakes, hospitals and medical professionals have been able to identify common errors and they have come up with simple solutions to make sure these “never events” […]

Chicago hospital, Planned Parenthood sued again for woman’s death

Last August, we had mentioned on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog that a woman had filed a lawsuit against a local hospital and Planned Parenthood of Illinois for their roles in her daughter’swrongful death. The lawsuit, which was filed in Cook County Circuit Court, stated that the woman’s daughter had died from severe bleeding […]

Are Chicago doctors easily distracted in the operating room?

Many residents of Chicago are becoming more aware of how dangerous distractions, including cellphones, can be in numerous situations, and therefore some folks may be making an effort to ensure they are not distracted by such devices while performing important tasks. In the hands of a driver, studies have shown cellphones and smartphones can be […]

4,000 avoidable surgical errors made every year, researchers say

Whether a surgery is considered to be a simple or complicated procedure, Chicago surgeons and medical workers who are responsible for prepping patients, performing the operations and caring for patients afterwards must be focused on providing quality care at all times. Any surgery comes with risks, but doctors and nurses can lower these risks significantly […]

Morning surgeries may be safer for Chicago patients

Although patients in Chicago in need of surgery expect to receive the best care while under the knife, no matter what time the surgery takes place, some studies suggest that patients should avoid afternoon surgeries. Researchers from Duke University revealed a study from 2006 that suggested surgical errors, complications and injuries are more likely to […]

Outrageous medical mistakes happen every day in the U.S.

Although medical malpractice cases don’t make the news very often, medical malpractice is more common in Chicago and throughout the U.S. than most people realize. Medical errors happen every day in our country, and some mistakes that are made by doctors and other medical professionals are completely shocking. Recently, CNN published an online article of […]

Illinois patient says dentist caused nerve damage, disfigurement

Dentists may use some dangerous-looking tools and sometimes they are not so gentle during routine cleanings or fillings, but overall, Chicago patients trust that their dentists will be careful when doing their jobs. In November 2010, an Illinois patient had visited his dentist to have a tooth extracted. Although it is not uncommon for dentists […]

Study reveals post-surgical errors are common and dangerous

Patients in Chicago expect the best care when they put their lives into the hands of doctors who are supposed to help them and keep them safe during medical operations. However, negligence by a doctor can cause a number of harmful situations to occur. For example, if a surgeon is not careful or paying attention, […]

Knee surgeries can have dangerous implications for Chicago patients

The effects of aging and a baby boomer generation with a propensity for an active lifestyle may be contributing to a significant increase in the number of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) procedures that are being performed in Chicago and throughout the entire U.S. But some patient safety groups are wondering whether these procedures are more […]

Surgery patient harmed after Illinois hospital used wrong putty

Before a surgery is performed in any Chicago hospital room, patients might assume that doctors and nurses have carefully prepared for the operation by making sure that all necessary tools and medical devices are ready and sanitized. Patients also expect that hospitals have adequate procedures in place to prevent unnecessary surgical errors. But when a […]

Man needs pacemaker after Illinois doctor performed wrong surgery

Whether a Chicago doctor has performed a surgical operation only a few times or several dozens of times, every operation should be performed with extreme care. Hospitals and medical professionals are responsible for making sure that patients and staff are properly prepped for surgery. Doctors and nurses have an obligation to pay close attention to […]

Patient sues Illinois doctors who failed to remove surgical staples

For three years, a patient endured pain and discomfort after she had surgery in Illinois for an abdominal hernia. Even though the discomfort started shortly after the woman’s surgery and persisted for several years, doctors could not pinpoint what was causing the woman’s extreme pain. Last year, the woman finally found a doctor who was […]

New physicians, residents a safe bet during surgery, study says

Although hospital patients in Chicago might feel nervous about being treated by medical residents or newer physicians, the risk for medical malpractice may not be any higher than when only being treated by a professional with more experience, a recent study suggests. According to the study, which was comprised of data from more than 60,000 […]

Are hospitals forgetting important warnings about surgical clips?

According to statistics, more than 6,200 people had undergone surgery in Illinois and throughout the entire U.S. to donate kidneys in 2010. None of the kidney donor patients had died from the procedures within a month of having surgery. With these success stories in mind, one woman believed that she could help save her brother’s […]

Infection nearly kills, disables patient after routine surgery

During and after any surgical procedure in Chicago, there is the possibility of infection. Infections can be minor or serious, but infections contracted during a hospital visit or from a surgery are almost always preventable. By simply making sure to properly sanitize medical equipment, an incision site on a patient, and washing their hands, Chicago […]

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