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Understanding Medical Malpractice (Infographic)

Understanding medical malpractice

Understanding medical malpractice and why it happens can be difficult. This post and infographic will hopefully help. When we go to a doctor or hospital, we put our faith in the ability of our doctors to provide us with a certain level of skilled health care. We do so because one of the most fundamental […]

Lawsuit filed in Chicago over NHL’s role in player’s overdose

Two years ago at the age of 28, professional hockey player Derek Boogaard died of a pain medication overdose. Last week, the player’s family filed a lawsuit against the NHL in Chicago, alleging that the NHL is responsible for Boogaard’s wrongful death. The family claims that the NHL is responsible for Boogaard’s death because the […]

Update: Illinois nursing home to compensate family for fatal overdose

Earlier this month on our Joliet medical malpractice law blog, we had mentioned that a wrongful death claim against an Illinois nursing home was finally scheduled to go to trial. The lawsuit was filed in 2007 after a family lost their loved one who had died from a medication overdose. The family believed the fatal […]

High dose of drug caused Illinois patient’s fatal heart attack

Too much of a medication may be very harmful to patients in Chicago. Patients may either suffer life-threatening health problems or fatal injuries when their bodies are forced to process too much of a medication. In some cases, patients may be responsible for their own overdose injuries if they mistakenly take an extra pill. But […]

Medical clinic in Chicago shut down by federal drug agents

Painkillers are helpful medications that allow Chicago patients to cope with serious injuries. Painkillers are also very dangerous when these medications are not used properly. Patients may become addicted to painkillers, and painkillers may lead to fatal medication overdoseswhen doctors negligently prescribe these strong drugs or when pharmacies negligently fill prescription orders for painkillers. Although […]

Wrongful death lawsuit blames Illinois nursing home for overdose

A wrongful death claim against an Illinois nursing home may finally be resolved this month. According to reports, the case was scheduled to go to trial this week. The wrongful death claim was filed against the nursing home in 2007 after a resident died from a medication overdose. The administrator of the deceased resident’s estate […]

Lawsuit over patient’s death filed against Chicago nursing home

For some Chicago families, choosing to put a loved one or aging parent in a nursing home can be a difficult decision to make. Children of aging parents don’t want their loved ones to think that they are abandoning them, but at the same time, many families understand that they don’t have the equipment, time […]

Doctor blames nurse for child’s overdose after dental procedure

In December 2009, a 22-month-old boy died from complications after a dental procedure. When the dental procedure was performed, everything seemed to be going well. But hours after the child was sent home, he suddenly stopped breathing. The child was put on life support, but when two weeks passed without any brain activity, the child […]

Wife sues husband’s doctor for fatal painkiller overdose

Last month on our Joliet medical malpractice law blog, we had mentioned that prescription painkiller overdose deaths remain a huge concern in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that one type of painkiller, methadone, is the cause of about 30 percent of all fatal pain-reliever overdoses. Although patients are certainly […]

CDC: Methadone prescriptions, painkiller overdose deaths up

Doctors are obligated to provide quality patient care, including proper recommendations for prescription medications and dosages. Illinois residents rely on health care professionals to preventmedication errors, such as prescribing the wrong drug or dose of a drug, that could harm or kill patients. It is also part of a physician’s duty to caution patients about […]

Drug medication errors more likely in prescriptions for children

As folks age, many might assume that they will eventually need to start taking medications on a daily basis in order to maintain their health. Chicago patients might be prescribed blood-pressure medications or other types of drugs to keep their conditions from worsening. With so many Americans taking prescription drugs on a daily basis, it […]

E-prescriptions could reduce serious, fatal medication errors

Think of how many times you have gone to your doctor for an illness and been prescribed an antibiotic or other drug to treat your condition. Chances are you, your kids and thousands of other Chicago residents have been prescribed a medication at least a handful of times, if not a dozen times. With so […]

Study warns doctors of fatal consequences of common drug overdose

According to a new study, even a slight overdose of the pain relieving drug acetaminophen has the potential to be deadly. Although consumers in Illinois and throughout the entire U.S. are advised to only take the recommended daily dose of the painkiller, the study also suggests that doctors need to be more aware of the […]

Dr. Conrad Murray found guilty of negligence in Jackson’s death

After only a week since prosecutors wrapped up the questioning of several witnesses in the case of Dr. Conrad Murray, a jury announced Monday that Michael Jackson’s physician has been found guilty of negligence and of ultimately causing the death of the world renowned pop star. As we previously discussed last week on our Chicago […]

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