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Weekend Surgery is Risky for Children

Weekend Surgery is Risky for Children

Any patient undergoing a surgical procedure can be frightened. No matter how routine an operation may be, there are still risks and the potential for complications to arise. When that patient is a child, the experience can be that much more upsetting for the child and his or her parents. Researchers at Johns Hopkins have […]

Children can recover well from strokes when properly diagnosed

Strokes are often associated with adults and the elderly, but did you know that about 3,000 children suffer from strokes every single year? Chicago doctors are well aware of the signs they are to look for in order to determine whether an adult patient has suffered a stroke, and doctors are also well aware of […]

Cook County agrees to pay millions for boy’s med mal injuries

When medical malpractice causes Chicago patients to suffer irreparable harm, families are often left devastated by the consequences of such mistakes, especially when young children are the victims of medical negligence. Brain injuries, for example, may prevent children from being able to have a normal childhood, and children harmed by brain injuries caused by medical […]

Who informs Chicago patients about defective medical devices?

Chicago patients who suffer from life-threatening, chronic or disabling medical conditions may currently be using a variety of medical devices to keep their symptoms and health under control. Although medical devices must meet certain requirements before the products can be approved for patient use, a number of problems could still occur after a device is […]

Child infections can be deadly when doctors ignore warning signs

When doctors misdiagnose a patient’s symptoms, the patient’s condition and symptoms are usually prolonged. In worst case scenarios, a wrongful death can result from a misdiagnosis, as was the case with a 12-year-old boy whose sepsis symptoms went undiagnosed by his family physician and an emergency room staff earlier this year. The boy cut his […]

Parents sue Chicago hospital for mistakenly pronouncing son dead

Earlier this year on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, we mentioned that a local family had experienced the unthinkable while seeking medical treatment for their 7-year-old son back in February. The child had been taken to Mercy Hospital and Medical Center after suffering full cardiac arrest. Doctors tried to resuscitate the child, but they […]

Children with chronic illness more susceptible to hospital errors

New information from a medical study shows that kids with chronic health conditions are more likely to suffer from serious hospital and medical errors. Statistics show that about three percent of our country’s kids who are hospitalized are affected by medical mistakes. When children are very ill, they could be more vulnerable to suffering serious […]

Knowing brain injury symptoms in children may prevent a misdiagnosis

Medical professionals and safety advocates believe that Chicago parents and physicians can never be too cautious when dealing with children’s head injuries. Bumps and blows to the head can bruise a child’s brain, causing a concussion. Concussions can lead to very serious brain injuries including bleeding in the brain and skull fractures. Childhood brain injuries […]

Keeping photos in medical records could reduce patient mix-ups

An Illinois surgeon could perform an operation without any errors, a pediatrician could prescribe the correct dose of a medication for a child, and a doctor could accurately diagnose an illness after properly assessing a patient’s symptoms, but all of these incidents could still jeopardize patient safety and lead to medical malpractice. Doctors in Chicago […]

Drug medication errors more likely in prescriptions for children

As folks age, many might assume that they will eventually need to start taking medications on a daily basis in order to maintain their health. Chicago patients might be prescribed blood-pressure medications or other types of drugs to keep their conditions from worsening. With so many Americans taking prescription drugs on a daily basis, it […]

Mother says nurse was negligent, mistakenly severed baby’s finger

Instead of being discharged from the hospital as planned, a mother witnessed a horrible incident that caused her 3-month-old baby to remain hospitalized longer than planned. After a hospital stay last year, a mother was informed that she could take her baby home. But shortly before she planned on leaving the hospital with her daughter, […]

Boy pronounced dead at Chicago hospital found alive hours later

Learning about the unexpected death of a loved one is certainly a devastating experience for families, but the death of a loved one is especially tragic when a child is involved. After doctors at a Chicago hospital told the parents of a 7-year-old boy on Feb. 18 that the child could not be resuscitated, the […]

Misdiagnosis of bacterial meningitis causes child to go blind

Pediatricians treat countless children every week in Chicago and throughout the entire state of Illinois for various illnesses and diseases. Fortunately, doctors commonly see children with similar cold or flu-like symptoms that simply result in parents being told to bring their children home so that their kids can get plenty of rest. But what Illinois […]

Cancer misdiagnosis may have lowered child’s chance of survival

When a child is ill, Chicago parents put their trust in doctors to make an accurate diagnosis so that their child can get better. Although the illnesses many Illinois pediatricians and family doctors diagnose on a daily basis are the common cold, ear infections or the flu, physicians must not be too quick to rule […]

Child’s legs amputated after doctor fails to diagnose infection

The cold and flu season is in full swing now, and even though Illinois parents may stress with their children the importance of washing one’s hands and covering their mouths when they cough, children are bound to get sick. During the cold and flu season, pediatricians and other doctors diagnose countless patients each week with […]

Family to receive $10 million settlement in ER negligence case

Many Illinois parents may agree that it can be heartbreaking to see a young child suffer from an illness, even if the child only has a cold or the flu. Young children often do not know how to explain what hurts or how they are feeling, but a parent can easily tell when their child […]

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