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Woman’s breast augmentation results in life-altering injuries

It is certainly crucial that medical professionals in Chicago provide their patients with quality care when patients need medical treatment for traumatic injuries, life-threatening health complications or other serious medical problems. With an accurate diagnosis, timely treatment and proper care, injured and ill patients may have a better chance of recovering from their ailments with fewer complications and challenges.

However, hospitals, surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals must also remember that even patients who are not facing life-threatening health problems need the same care and treatment as those who are severely ill or hurt. One error, or a series of medical errors, may cause any patient to experience life-altering injuries.

One woman, for example, who decided to undergo a breast augmentation surgery three years ago never expected that the elective surgery would damage her body, her quality of life and her marriage. The woman expected her body to be enhanced after going through two pregnancies and having two children. She also expected to experience improvements in her marriage after having the surgery. According to a lawsuit that was recently filed by the woman, the outcome of the breast augmentation surgery was catastrophic due to hospital negligence and medical malpractice.

Women in Chicago who have given birth to multiple children may know very well why the woman desired to have her breasts augmented. Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding changes women’s bodies. For some women, it is important to “fix” these changes with surgery.

The woman who had decided to have her breasts augmented three years ago believed that the surgery would help to improve the quality of her life and her marriage. Instead, the woman had to undergo a corrective surgery after the initial surgery was performed because the first surgery was not done properly. And after the corrective surgery was performed, the woman continued to experience problems with her augmented breasts. She finally got a second opinion from another doctor and learned that she had symmastia. She also learned that her doctor had mistakenly severed her chest wall muscle.

The woman was advised by another doctor to see a specialist who could properly treat the woman.

Although the medical errors did not result in life-threatening injuries, the medical errors have resulted in life-altering injuries. The woman’s earning capacity has been affected by her pain, suffering and injuries from the breast augmentation surgery. She has also experienced challenges in her marriage due to the effects of the hospital’s and surgeon’s negligence. These injuries and consequences combined have had a negative impact on the woman’s quality of life, the lawsuit states. The woman is now requesting compensation for her injuries and suffering.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Couple sue St. Mary’s Medical Center, surgeon for negligence during breast augmentation,” Kyla Asbury, May 29, 2013


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