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Pregnancy-related injuries | Cirignani Heller & Harman, LLP

Medications prescribed to pregnant women show adverse effects

Chicago patients rely on doctors for safe care, including the prescribing of medications that are both effective and safe. However, there are times when doctors prescribe medications with potential risks or without proven effectiveness specifically for the patient’s condition. Medication errors are a serious matter, and even more serious when an unborn baby is involved. […]

Safer today, but pregnancy and childbirth still have risks

Advances in modern medicine continue to astound us and have surely been benefiting patients and families in Joliet. It seems our country has come light years, from even just a century ago, in providing better prenatal care and child delivery, resulting in significantly lower mortality rates and birth injuries. Even so, we’re not entirely out […]

Studies give pregnant women conflicting information about SSRIs

Pregnancy is an exciting time for many Chicago women and their partners. However, women might also become overwhelmed by all of the conflicting dos and don’ts they may hear about from others or read about in magazines and books. For example, some women are told to stay away from having any caffeine while others are […]

Study shows effects of blood pressure problems during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time, even with morning sickness, trouble sleeping and other first-time experiences. It’s also a time when a woman’s health should be carefully monitored by Chicago physicians to avoid pregnancy-related injuries and birth injuries. For example, not monitoring a woman’s blood pressure during checkups while she is pregnant could be extremely harmful. […]

Is it safe for pregnant women to take blood pressure meds?

Newly released information from the journal Hypertension shows that an increasing number of pregnant women are using medication to control their blood pressure. But the use of these drugs could increase the rate of pregnancy-related injuries or birth defects, according to researchers. Some women may certainly benefit from antihypertensive medications, but at the same time, […]

Study: Heart problems spike for older pregnant women in late term

Bringing a child into the world is something women get to experience only a few times in life. Each pregnancy offers a unique experience for women, and each pregnancy should be treated as such by Chicago physicians. To make sure expecting mothers and their unborn babies receive proper medical care and attention throughout pregnancy and […]

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