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Protect yourself from doctors’ and pharmacists’ medication errors

It is scary to think that a drug prescribed by our doctor and filled by a pharmacist could kill us. But deaths and injuries from medication errors happen all the time, unfortunately. Prescribing the wrong drug or the wrong dosage may be a form of medical malpractice and the physician responsible could be held financially […]

To avoid medication errors, patients can turn to genetic testing

Complications from a medication can range from minor side effects to permanent, devastating harm. Some bad reactions can even be fatal. More than 100,000 people in the U.S. die each year due to drugs that are supposed to help them. Unfortunately, much of the time people in Illinois are harmed by drugs due to a […]

Medication mistakes by doctors, pharmacists harm 1.5M annually

When people in Joliet get sick, they go to the doctor, who may prescribe something to help treat the problem or help us feel better. Many people have chronic health issues that require regular doctors’ visits and renewed prescriptions. But sometimes, negligent mistakes by the doctor or pharmacist can cause a patient to take the […]

Painkiller overdose deaths skyrocketed in past decade

People in Joliet likely have known that painkiller addiction has become a serious problem in the U.S., but reading the number of overdoses in recent years may still be startling. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on July 2 that the number of overdoses among women increased fivefold in just 12 years. Men […]

Defective medication leading to relapses for certain patients

When physicians prescribe certain medications to treat injuries or illnesses, most people trust that this is one of the necessary steps toward getting back to health. They rely upon the judgment of their doctors, believing that they are making decisions that are only in the patients’ best interests. When problems arise due to medication errors, many […]

Patient who was allergic to penicillin was given drug at hospital

Before Joliet doctors or hospital workers prescribe or administer medications to patients, one question they will hopefully ask patients is whether patients are allergic to any medications. When Illinois doctors fail to ask this question, or when doctors fail to properly make notes in a patient’s file after asking this question, they may be responsible […]

Hospital says medication error did not put woman on life support

Having to choose to keep a loved one on life support or not is a difficult and heartbreaking decision that some Joliet families are forced to make when loved ones suffer major health problems that are completely unavoidable. Now, imagine what it must have felt like for one family who learned that their loved one […]

Experts offer tips for preventing blood thinner medication errors

The effects of a stroke can be devastating for Chicago patients and their families. Strokes cannot always be avoided, but when doctors provide patients with the proper care and attention they need after suffering a stroke, patients may have a better recovery. Some patients may even be able to avoid suffering subsequent strokes that could […]

Illinois patient’s earning capacity affected by medication error

Joliet patients who suffer from cardiovascular problems may know how important it is to keep their medical conditions under control by taking their medications, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet. Patients with serious medical conditions have a responsibility to follow their doctors’ orders so they can stay as healthy as possible. But this also means […]

Wrongful death suit: Doctor negligent when prescribing pain meds

When Joliet doctors prescribe powerful medications to patients, such as painkillers, doctors must make sure they are prescribing these types of drugs in a safe manner. Doctors should acknowledge that their patients may become addicted to painkillers. In order to prevent this from happening, doctors can make sure they only prescribe these drugs when absolutely […]

Chicago hospitals, doctors must take note of new drug recalls

As we have mentioned before on our blog, it is extremely important that doctors prescribe patients with correct medications and correct doses of medications in order to prevent patients from suffering unnecessary harm due to allergic reactions, dangerous drug interactions, side effects, underdoses or overdoses. It is also just as important that nurses properly administer […]

Wrongful death lawsuit blames Illinois nursing home for overdose

A wrongful death claim against an Illinois nursing home may finally be resolved this month. According to reports, the case was scheduled to go to trial this week. The wrongful death claim was filed against the nursing home in 2007 after a resident died from a medication overdose. The administrator of the deceased resident’s estate […]

Joliet families can take action to avoid common medication errors

If you were to open your medicine cabinet right now, how many medications would you find? You might find some pain relievers, cold and cough remedies or old and current prescriptions. Many Joliet residents rely on medications to help alleviate minor to severe symptoms of pain and other illnesses. Some of us only take medications […]

Lower doses of sleep medications recommended for women

While the media often focuses on car accidents related to drunk driving or distracted driving, yet another cause of vehicle crashes rarely makes the news. Joliet residents and others across the U.S. who take prescription medications should be cautious when driving, even several hours after taking some medications, including sleep aids. And their doctors should […]

Are antidepressants good or bad for pregnant women in Illinois?

It is no mystery that Joliet doctors must be incredibly careful when prescribing medication to patients. Medication errors can lead to overdoses or bad reactions that could cause adverse health effects. Not only do doctors have an obligation to prescribe the correct medication, and in the correct dosage, but they also need to explain the […]

Lawsuit claims Joliet resident died from medication error

Two years ago, a Joliet resident had been taken to a local hospital after she began to experience chest pain. Medical professionals treated and monitored the 24-year-old woman for two days before discharging the patient. After the hospital discharged the patient, the woman was sent to a nursing home in Wilmington. Two days later, the […]

Head of pharmacy board ousted after 31 steroid-related deaths

Last month on our Joliet medical malpractice law blog, we had mentioned that the fungal meningitis outbreak was linked to tainted medications that were manufactured at a pharmacy in Massachusetts. Recent reports now claim that the fungal meningitis outbreak has resulted in at least 420 infections and 31 deaths across 19 states, including Illinois. It […]

Patients and doctors need to communicate to avoid diagnosis errors

An increasing number of physicians and public health authorities are questioning the continued over-testing of patients throughout the country. These medical professionals are particularly concerned about the potential for making a misdiagnosis, but they are also worried that overexposure to radiation and other medical testing hazards could actually cause health problems while trying to detect […]

Questions remain about meningitis outbreak in Illinois

As the case count of recent meningitis deaths continues to rise throughout the nation, more patients in Illinois and throughout the U.S. are raising questions about the regulatory processes that failed to protect them from this devastating infection. This blog has already discussed the fungal contamination leading to illness from medication errors, but many questions […]

Fungal meningitis threatens steroid use patients in Illinois

Illinois residents who have received steroid injections over the past few months should be aware of the recent outbreak of fungal meningitis in people being treated with methylprednisolone acetate. Fungal meningitis is rare, but it can lead to life-threatening complications. The outbreak has been linked to shipments of contaminated steroid injections that came from a […]

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