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Researchers say fewer hospitals, doctors performing early deliveries

As we have mentioned in previous posts on our Joliet medical malpractice law blog, birth injuries can have devastating effects on families, babies and new parents in Will County, even when injuries do not cause permanent damage or long-term impairments. In an effort to focus on delivering healthier babies and reducing injuries and complications in […]

Mother suffered infection after Illinois doctor botched C-section

A caesarean section is a surgical procedure, and like any other patient in Chicago who undergoes a surgical procedure, a patient who undergoes a C-section must be closely monitored and carefully treated by medical professionals. Women who deliver babies via C-section may experience complications during and after these surgical procedures when their doctors and nurses […]

Illinois doctors ignored patient’s complaints of pain, suit claims

Earlier this week on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, we mentioned that scientists and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are becoming very concerned about the spread of CRE in medical facilities because CRE infections are becoming more difficult to treat with antibiotics. As you may have already gathered, adult infections can be […]

CDC says hospitals need to take action to prevent spread of CRE

As we have mentioned before on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, patients are at risk of becoming seriously ill while receiving medical treatment and care in hospitals and nursing homes. Hospital negligence and nursing home neglect may lead to a variety of health complications, but one common complication may include an acquired infection. Many […]

Was bully victim also a victim of hospital negligence?

When Chicago residents are seriously injured in accidents or violent attacks, they will most likely need to receive immediate medical treatment in order to reduce the risk of suffering from fatal complications. However, when patients are hospitalized, they may face additional risks and health complications if hospitals fail to prevent the spread of dangerous germs. […]

Is your hospital making you sicker than you were to begin with?

Chicago residents pay thousands of dollars every year for health insurance, and they certainly have a right to expect to receive a certain standard of care by medical professionals when they need it the most. Too often, though, hospital negligence results in patients seeking additional costly treatments because of hospital-acquired infections or other medical errors. […]

Botched C-section causes Illinois woman to contract infection

After having a Cesarean section performed to safely deliver her baby, an Illinois woman developed a serious infection that prevented her from being able to recover sooner from the surgery. Instead of focusing on recovering from the operation and taking care of her new baby, the woman endured additional pain and was forced to undergo […]

Nursing homes don’t always provide care patients are billed for, part two

Earlier this week on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, we began discussing a troubling report that was recently published by Bloomberg News. The report suggests that nursing home abuse is not as uncommon as we would like to think it is, and anyone could become a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, especially […]

Unsafe injections still a problem for Chicago patients?

Washing of the hands, making sure medical equipment is clean and never using needles twice are just some of the many things medical personnel are required to do when treating patients in Chicago in order to avoid spreading dangerous diseases and infections. However, patients in the United States are still harmed by medical malpractice each […]

Illinois doctor performs needless amputation, causes disfigurement

When doctors see patients who suffer from symptoms that are unusual or difficult to diagnose, doctors will often consult others in the medical community or advise a patient to see a specialist in order to make sure patients’ conditions are properly diagnosed and treated. Failing to take these steps when necessary and failing to follow […]

CRE superbug a deadly threat to vulnerable patients in Illinois

Many patients in Joliet believe their hospital or care facility is a safe place to be when receiving medical care, but it can also be full of deadly bacteria, or superbugs. Superbugs can invade medical centers or nursing homes when centers fail to keep their facilities sanitary and clean. Due to hospital negligence, infections that […]

Illinois teen dies from root canal surgery, dental chain sued

In February 2011, an Illinois teen underwent a routine root canal surgery at a dentist office in Blue Island after losing a tooth filling. Several days after the operation, the teen died. He was only 17. Last month, it was reported that a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the victim. After […]

Child infections can be deadly when doctors ignore warning signs

When doctors misdiagnose a patient’s symptoms, the patient’s condition and symptoms are usually prolonged. In worst case scenarios, a wrongful death can result from a misdiagnosis, as was the case with a 12-year-old boy whose sepsis symptoms went undiagnosed by his family physician and an emergency room staff earlier this year. The boy cut his […]

Study reveals post-surgical errors are common and dangerous

Patients in Chicago expect the best care when they put their lives into the hands of doctors who are supposed to help them and keep them safe during medical operations. However, negligence by a doctor can cause a number of harmful situations to occur. For example, if a surgeon is not careful or paying attention, […]

Meningitis outbreak hits Illinois: What about the victims?

As of Monday, there is one case of fungal meningitis in Illinois and nearly 212 across the country. Twelve people have died and we can expect this number to rise. The meningitis is not contagious, but more than 14,000 people likely received injections of the drug. The outbreak of fungal meningitis is linked to a […]

Knee surgeries can have dangerous implications for Chicago patients

The effects of aging and a baby boomer generation with a propensity for an active lifestyle may be contributing to a significant increase in the number of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) procedures that are being performed in Chicago and throughout the entire U.S. But some patient safety groups are wondering whether these procedures are more […]

Nurse accused of stealing painkillers from hospital patients

Patients in nursing homes, hospitals and other facilities are entitled to receive top notch care every moment of every day by their nurses and doctors. Unfortunately, nursing negligence does happen in Chicago nursing homes and other medical facilities, and includes actions such as a lack of monitoring, feeding, treating and bathing patients when they are […]

Child’s undiagnosed infection resulted in permanent brain damage

Brain injuries resulting from medical malpractice are commonly associated with birth complications not handled appropriately by doctors, hospitals and nurses. As we mentioned in our previous post on our Joliet medical malpractice law blog, a delayed birth can cause an unborn baby to suffer complications from oxygen deprivation, including brain injuries. But children and other […]

New physicians, residents a safe bet during surgery, study says

Although hospital patients in Chicago might feel nervous about being treated by medical residents or newer physicians, the risk for medical malpractice may not be any higher than when only being treated by a professional with more experience, a recent study suggests. According to the study, which was comprised of data from more than 60,000 […]

Cleanliness should be a priority at all Illinois hospitals

Patients in Chicago may want to think twice about the sanitary conditions their hospital, nursing home, or doctor’s office claims to keep. Recent reports and statistics on serious hospital infections suggest that our nation’s medical facilities are not as sanitary as they should be in order to protect the safety of patients. Just last year, […]

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