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Nurse burnout, short-staffing detracts from quality patient care

Chicago workers and business owners might know all too well that being short-staffed at work can negatively impact employees and their customers. When fewer workers are responsible for getting more work done, quality may lack because workers get burned out. Recent research suggests that this is exactly what happens in hospitals and assisted living facilities […]
Nursing Negligence

Poor care led to fatal missed diagnosis of kidney infection

Medical professionals in Joliet and throughout the entire state of Illinois see and treat numerous patients for the same symptoms and illnesses every week. But when a doctor treats a patient for concerning symptoms, the most dangerous mistake a doctor can make is to quickly assume that the patient’s symptoms are simply caused by the […]
Failure to Diagnose

Doctor’s mistake led to costly treatment for Illinois patient

Over the past few weeks, our Chicago medical malpractice law blog has discussed some very tragic stories involving medical mistakes that contributed to the deaths of several patients. Fortunately, not all victims of medical malpractice suffer fatal injuries. Sometimes a mistake is caught immediately and a patient suffers only minor health complications. For others who […]
Doctor Errors

Parents of septic shock victim may file medical malpractice suit

Parents may certainly consider screening pediatricians and family doctors in Joliet before choosing which medical professionals they will trust with their children’s lives. Nothing can be more painful than to see a child suffer, and when a child is ill, parents want to be sure that a child’s doctor will properly diagnose and treat their […]
Wrongful Death

Infection nearly kills, disables patient after routine surgery

During and after any surgical procedure in Chicago, there is the possibility of infection. Infections can be minor or serious, but infections contracted during a hospital visit or from a surgery are almost always preventable. By simply making sure to properly sanitize medical equipment, an incision site on a patient, and washing their hands, Chicago […]
Surgical Errors

Watchdog group reports patient safety scores for U.S hospitals

The Leapfrog Group, a national healthcare watchdog group, recently released the results of its new patient safety survey. The results reveal that hospital errors are still a problem in Illinois and throughout the entire U.S. These errors can lead to patients suffering undue harm, serious injuries or even a wrongful death. With the help of patient […]
Wrongful Death

Illinois patient says surgeon, hospital responsible for injuries

Earlier this week on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, we mentioned that some hospitals in the U.S. are now using bar code readers in order to prevent injuries and infections resulting from sponges being left in patients’ bodies by mistake after surgery. But technology cannot always make up for a doctor’s negligence before, during […]
Surgical Errors

Surgical sponges now equipped with bar codes to prevent injuries

In order to better prevent surgical errors, a bar code reader is now being put to use in the medical industry to help make sure that any surgical sponges used during operations are not left in the bodies of patients after the procedures. Some mistakes during surgery are inevitable, but negligence from nurses and doctors […]
Surgical Errors

Clostridium difficile becoming more prevalent in nursing homes

Clostridium difficile is an infection that spreads quickly and can be fatal. While usually diagnosed amongst hospital patients, it is now being diagnosed amongst nursing home residents and patients at primary care practices and other outpatient facilities. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found that the number of infections and deaths from the […]
Nursing Negligence

Reusable medical devices pose major risks if not cleaned properly

Many medical malpractice cases are filed against individual doctors or nurses who have committed major errors while caring for patients, but our Illinois hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the U.S. can also be held accountable for contributing to a doctor’s or nurse’s mistake. When our nation’s hospitals fail to have proper training programs, policies […]
Hospital Negligence

Child’s legs amputated after doctor fails to diagnose infection

The cold and flu season is in full swing now, and even though Illinois parents may stress with their children the importance of washing one’s hands and covering their mouths when they cough, children are bound to get sick. During the cold and flu season, pediatricians and other doctors diagnose countless patients each week with […]

High risk of getting infection reported after outpatient surgery

Illinois patients put their lives and their trust in medical professionals every single day. Many understand that doctors and nurses must go through extensive schooling and training before they can practice in the medical field, and as a result, patients trust that their care providers know what they are doing and are taking every measure […]
Wrongful Death

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