CEREBRAL PALSY: A Message of Hope for Illinois Families
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PARÁLISIS CEREBRAL: Un mensaje de esperanza para las familias de Illinois
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A Distinctive Legal Team For
Your Unique Injury Claim

Our attorneys include experienced physicians who are also skilled lawyers:

  • Dr. Stanley Heller is a board-certified cardiologist.
  • Dr. Stu Perlik is a board-certified neurologist.
  • Attorney James Harman is a former registered respiratory therapist.

Our medically-trained lawyers can look at an X-ray or an MRI report and see key evidence that might otherwise go unnoticed. We know exactly how to examine a wide range of cases critically and create convincing arguments on behalf of our clients.

Every medical malpractice case requires expert testimony. With physicians as part of our Chicago-based legal team, your case benefits from in-house expertise and a deep network connecting our law firm to the most talented and knowledgeable medical experts in the world.

Discover Your Legal Options Now

If medical negligence has affected your life or that of a loved one, you have legal rights you should discuss with our lawyers. You should not face the hardships of recovery alone, with limited resources.

We can stand up for you anywhere in Illinois and maximize the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, other hardships, and wrongful death benefits, if necessary.

Speak With One Of Our Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Please call us at 312-346-8700 to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with our experienced medical malpractice lawyers. We cover all upfront legal costs for our clients, and we only collect a fee if we win compensation on your behalf.

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