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Doctor diagnosed pneumonia as terminal cancer, patient injured

In 2004, a patient visited her doctor because she was feeling ill. Her diagnosis was devastating. The doctor told her that she had cancer and that her condition was terminal. Our readers in Joliet may be surprised to learn that the woman is alive nearly 10 years after the diagnosis was made. This is because […]

Lawsuit: Teen died from oxygen deprivation during dental procedure

Chicago patients may feel some pain and discomfort for a few days after getting their wisdom teeth pulled. Fortunately, the recovery from this surgery is fairly quick, and many teens and young adults experience no complications after the surgery. But for one teen, a routine wisdom teeth surgery resulted in a severe brain injury. The […]

Hospital failed to treat Chicago man’s asthma attack, jury concludes

Ten years ago, paramedics rushed a Chicago man who was suffering from a severe asthma attack to a local hospital so that he could receive life-saving treatment. However, the treatment he received was anything but adequate, a wrongful death lawsuit later stated. A couple of weeks ago, a jury concluded that hospital negligence did indeed […]

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