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Medical malpractice victims need a level playing field

    Our firm exclusively helps medical malpractice victims. We typically can review a case for no charge because the members of the firm have a medical background. This is what makes our firm unique.

    Every client that comes to us is stressed from one thing or another, most commonly it’s financial stress from lost income or lost support. There’s always an element of grief involved when a loved one has died and the families come in.  Frankly, sometimes there’s a lot of anger.

    They’re against either a physician or a hospital, and the physician and hospital have resources, time, and money. And typically, our clients don’t have the same resources and they need someone who can level the playing field so they can go against the hospital or the doctor.

    We don’t ask our clients to pay for anything. Initial evaluation, the progression of the case, any costs at all, except maybe a postage stamp. Any client needs to know that they can come to us and get their case evaluated. It’s not gonna cost them a dime. At this firm, you will find competent, caring, sensitive, quality legal representation to help you with your problem.


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