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Hospital held responsible for man’s wrongful death after fall

Patients can be at risk of suffering brain injuries in a number of ways when they are in a hospital to undergo surgery. One of the most common causes of brain injury is trauma which, unfortunately can be caused by medical malpractice, failure to ensure adequate care, or even preventable accidents, such as a fall. […]

Will Congress Pass the HEALTH Act?

It appears nearly all members of the United States Legislature and the president agree that the nation’s health care system needs to undergo reform, but there is disagreement as to how to do so. As part of the reforms, and to help gain support for the bill, the President promised that he would help tackle […]

Doctors Pushed to Provide Too Much Care

A national survey published in the September issue of Archives of Internal Medicine revealed that 42 percent of primary care physicians feel pressured to provide excessive testing and referral care. The reasons? According to 76 percent are concerned about malpractice lawsuits 52 percent cite growing reliance on clinical performance measures 40 percent have insufficient […]

High risk of getting infection reported after outpatient surgery

Illinois patients put their lives and their trust in medical professionals every single day. Many understand that doctors and nurses must go through extensive schooling and training before they can practice in the medical field, and as a result, patients trust that their care providers know what they are doing and are taking every measure […]

Naperville doctor disciplined, sued for autism treatment methods

A Naperville doctor, who was sued last year for medical malpractice, is now being accused by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation of not using proper medical judgment when treating patients with autism. The doctor has been using alternative forms of treatment in autistic patients for years. Although the alternative methods of treatment […]

Doctors End FDA Stent Study After Finding It Increases Strokes

A study has found that a stent approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration intended to prevent strokes in high-risk patients actually increased the occurrence of strokes after it was placed. Accordingly, testing of the stent was immediately stopped to avoid the risk of further harm caused by the potentially defective product. According to […]

Man receives infected kidney during organ transplant

The process to undergo surgery to remove and transplant an organ is lengthy and complex. Many Chicago patients have waited months before surgery could take place. Doctors first have to determine whether or not an individual is a good candidate for surgery, and then the individual must wait for a compatible organ. With thousands of […]

Cosmetic surgeries performed by unqualified doctors on the rise

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) announced a new safety campaign this week regarding the rise of cosmetic surgeries that are being performed across the country by unqualified doctors. A woman recently told about her botched surgery after she failed to verify whether or not her doctor was certified to perform a corrective […]

New reporting system may cut down on medical errors

A new program at Johns Hopkins, one of the foremost medical centers in the country, is showing promise in reducing the number of errors made by medical professionals. Medical mistakes injure thousands of people each year and can cause birth injuries, failures in diagnoses and other dangerous errors, so clearly, anything that can be done […]

New Law Helps Illinois Patients Vet Doctors

We trust doctors with the most intimate details of our lives, trusting that they will use this information to help us and to cure what ails us. But how much do we know about the doctors that we trust with our most personal information? Are they trustworthy? Have they ever assaulted a patient? Or been […]

Study Verifies “July Effect” of Increased Medical Errors at Hospitals

A study published in the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine found evidence that July is indeed the most dangerous month to be treated at teaching hospitals, verifying the existence of the “July Effect.” For the study, researchers analyzed data from 39 previous studies. Based on the best-quality studies, they found that patient deaths increase […]

Supreme Court Rejects Military Hospital Medical Malpractice Case

The U.S. Supreme Court recently declined to hear a case challenging a decades-old legal doctrine that prevents service members from seeking medical malpractice damages against military hospitals. The case involves the wrongful death of an Air Force staff sergeant who died due to a nurse’s error during an appendectomy in 2003. In a 1950 case, […]

SimplyThick Could be Dangerous for Some Premature Infants

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that premature infants born before 37 weeks should not be given SimplyThick. The FDA warning comes after the agency received 15 reports of premature infants developing necrotizing enterocolitis after taking SimplyThick – sadly, two of the babies died. According to the FDA, the illness occurred in “at least […]

Each Year Billions Are Spent on Medical Mistakes

Just last week, the Health Affairs journal published a new study on medical mistakes- paying close attention to the cost of errors made during hospital stays. The study found that for every dollar spent on heath care, as much as 45 cents is spent making (and attempting to fix) medical mistakes. In 1999, an Institute […]

Recent Study Finds Five Characteristics Involved in Most Hospital Prescription Errors

According to one of the latest medical studies, the good news is that most prescription errors in hospitals can be narrowed down to a handful of characteristics. The bad news is that theseprescription errors continue to occur. The study, published in January’s edition of the Journal of Pain, found that for every 1,000 prescriptions written […]

The Digital Age Turns to Medical Records

Doctors Given 5-Year Deadline to Make All Records Electronic As part of the 2009 federal stimulus bill, funding was set aside to incentivize hospitals and doctors to buy expensive computerized record systems. By making all medical records digital, the goal is two-fold: to increase patient safety by reducing possible hospital mistakes and to lower health […]

Statistics Show Patterns in Doctors Most Frequently Targeted by Lawsuits

A recent survey by the American Medical Association (AMA) indicates that for every 100 doctors in the United States, there are 95 malpractice suits are filed. The defining factors in which doctors are sued seem to relate to gender, age, and specialty. A Look at the Statistics Roughly 5,000 doctors were polled by the AMA. […]

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