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Chicago nursing home patient wins lawsuit over injuries from fall

We have mentioned before on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog that nursing home residents need to be carefully monitored, especially those who have trouble walking and getting out of bed on their own. Elderly nursing home patients may suffer broken bones or head injuries when they fall. They may also suffer additional health complications […]

Illinois doctors ignored patient’s complaints of pain, suit claims

Earlier this week on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, we mentioned that scientists and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are becoming very concerned about the spread of CRE in medical facilities because CRE infections are becoming more difficult to treat with antibiotics. As you may have already gathered, adult infections can be […]

Should you settle your medical malpractice case or go to trial?

Several weeks ago on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, we mentioned that medical malpractice lawsuits may take several years to resolve. Even though doctors’ errors may leave patients with permanent or disabling injuries, patients may not get the compensation they need to truly move on with their lives until they spend several years fighting […]

Woman suffers permanent injuries from misdiagnosis mistake

When patients seek treatment for concerning symptoms, their doctors may have a responsibility to refer them to specialists when a diagnosis cannot be easily made without further examination. When patients are referred to specialists or other doctors, it is extremely important for medical professionals to communicate with each other when they are treating the same […]

Family says Illinois nursing home did not follow safety laws

There are many things Illinois families worry about when choosing a nursing home or long-term care facility for their loved ones. Families are concerned about the safety of their loved ones. They want to make sure their loved ones will continue to receive the medical treatment they need, and they also want to make sure […]

Woman becomes paralyzed after doctors fail to diagnose symptoms

In June 2007, a woman was rushed to an emergency room because she was beginning to lose strength and sensation in her legs. The woman was very concerned about what was happening to her, but it took hours for doctors to determine what was causing the patient’s symptoms. By the time the woman’s condition was […]

Why aren’t all hospitals investing in sponge-tracking systems?

Earlier this month, USA TODAY published a horrifying article about surgical errors involving retained sponges. Although leaving a sponge inside of a patient’s body is considered to be a surgical error that doctors, hospitals and nurses should never make, USA TODAY reported that the mistake is being made about 12 times a day in Illinois […]

Retained sponge causes patient to suffer permanent injuries

As we have mentioned before on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, there are some types of surgical errors that are 100 percent preventable. Surgical errors that are 100 percent preventable are called “never events” because these mistakes should never happen. So why are these so-called never events still occurring in our country? Why are […]

Dog bite victim says Illinois hospital caused disfigurement

Chicago residents who are injured by dog bites and dog attacks may be traumatized for the rest of their lives. Whether a victim is a child or an adult, dog attacks are scary events that may leave emotional and physical scars. Dog bites can lead to fatal injuries, but when victims are able to get […]

Children can recover well from strokes when properly diagnosed

Strokes are often associated with adults and the elderly, but did you know that about 3,000 children suffer from strokes every single year? Chicago doctors are well aware of the signs they are to look for in order to determine whether an adult patient has suffered a stroke, and doctors are also well aware of […]

Nursing homes don’t always provide care patients are billed for, part two

Earlier this week on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, we began discussing a troubling report that was recently published by Bloomberg News. The report suggests that nursing home abuse is not as uncommon as we would like to think it is, and anyone could become a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, especially […]

Falls in U.S. hospitals rank high as cause of patient injuries

Hospital patients in Chicago require frequent care and monitoring, particularly the elderly or those in weak or frail condition. One major concern regarding patient safety is the prevention of patient falls. Sometimes hospital negligence is to blame in such cases. Efforts to reduce the number of patient falls have included the use of bed alarms, […]

Morning surgeries may be safer for Chicago patients

Although patients in Chicago in need of surgery expect to receive the best care while under the knife, no matter what time the surgery takes place, some studies suggest that patients should avoid afternoon surgeries. Researchers from Duke University revealed a study from 2006 that suggested surgical errors, complications and injuries are more likely to […]

Outrageous medical mistakes happen every day in the U.S.

Although medical malpractice cases don’t make the news very often, medical malpractice is more common in Chicago and throughout the U.S. than most people realize. Medical errors happen every day in our country, and some mistakes that are made by doctors and other medical professionals are completely shocking. Recently, CNN published an online article of […]

Loss of balance common factor in elderly falls, study says

When Chicago nursing home patients are neglected or not properly cared for by staff, they could suffer a number of preventable illnesses or injuries. In extreme cases, nursing home abuse and negligence can lead to fatal health complications. Some common signs of negligence in nursing homes include bed sores, rapid weight loss, dehydration and bruises. […]

Jury: Doctor did not cause fire that burned woman during C-section

There are many risks Chicago patients face when they undergo any type of surgical procedure. But as we have mentioned before on our medical malpractice law blog, these risks can also be significantly reduced when hospitals and doctors focus on patient safety and providing quality medical care. One type of surgical error that is entirely […]

Study reveals post-surgical errors are common and dangerous

Patients in Chicago expect the best care when they put their lives into the hands of doctors who are supposed to help them and keep them safe during medical operations. However, negligence by a doctor can cause a number of harmful situations to occur. For example, if a surgeon is not careful or paying attention, […]

Nursing homes warned to take precautions to prevent frequent falls

Last month on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, we had mentioned that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn had signed an important law to make our state’s nursing homes safer for patients. Starting on Jan. 1, 2013, all nurses and care providers will need to receive training to learn how to safely lift patients in order […]

Man needs pacemaker after Illinois doctor performed wrong surgery

Whether a Chicago doctor has performed a surgical operation only a few times or several dozens of times, every operation should be performed with extreme care. Hospitals and medical professionals are responsible for making sure that patients and staff are properly prepped for surgery. Doctors and nurses have an obligation to pay close attention to […]

Chicago doctors, hospitals warned to stop using recalled bone putty

Operating room fires are rare, but these frightening incidents are also completely preventable and should never happen in Chicago hospitals. Actions have been taken by regulators and many hospitals in Illinois and throughout the entire U.S. to prevent patients from suffering serious or fatal injuries as a result of operating room fires. For example, the […]

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