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Mother suffered infection after Illinois doctor botched C-section

A caesarean section is a surgical procedure, and like any other patient in Chicago who undergoes a surgical procedure, a patient who undergoes a C-section must be closely monitored and carefully treated by medical professionals. Women who deliver babies via C-section may experience complications during and after these surgical procedures when their doctors and nurses […]
Pregnancy-Related Injuries

Hospital criticized for how it defended wrongful death case

One medical negligence case that has recently received a lot of public attention involves a woman and her unborn twin babies who all died after the pregnant woman suffered a pulmonary embolism in 2006. Although nothing may have been done to prevent the woman’s death, doctors may have been able to save the woman’s babies […]
Wrongful Death

Parents blame Illinois hospital for baby’s death before birth

As we mentioned last week on our Joliet medical malpractice law blog, inadequate medical care could quickly result in tragedy. When it comes to treating pregnant women and their unborn babies, inadequate medical care could result in permanent or fatal injuries, turning what should be one of the happiest moments of one’s life into one […]
Birth Injuries

Newborn dies after nurses fail to respond to mother’s needs

First-time parents experience first-time joys. Yet, becoming a mother sometimes involves complications, and many new mothers must rely on hospital staff for help during the first 24-48 hours after giving birth. Unfortunately, hospital staff might not always provide the desired or necessary care in a timely manner, which could result in tragedy. This was the […]
Wrongful Death

Jury: Doctor did not cause fire that burned woman during C-section

There are many risks Chicago patients face when they undergo any type of surgical procedure. But as we have mentioned before on our medical malpractice law blog, these risks can also be significantly reduced when hospitals and doctors focus on patient safety and providing quality medical care. One type of surgical error that is entirely […]
Hospital Negligence

Part 1: What are birth injuries and how do these injuries happen?

A birth injury can occur when a mother experiences a complicated pregnancy or delivery. Sometimes these complications cannot be avoided. And even when Joliet doctors do properly monitor a woman’s pregnancy, labor and delivery, a baby could still suffer an injury at birth when unexpected complications arise. A birth injury can also occur when Illinois […]
Brain Injuries

Paramedics did not treat pregnant woman quickly enough, family says

Paramedics and EMTs in Will County and throughout the entire state of Illinois are responsible for saving hundreds of lives every year. But like doctors and nurses, these professionals are also vulnerable to making serious and fatal mistakes whenever they deviate from the standard of care. Last week, a 24-year-old woman died while she was […]
Wrongful Death

Family awarded millions to cover child’s birth injury expenses

When Joliet obstetricians, nurses and other medical professionals who are involved in the process of delivering a baby fail to monitor a mother and her unborn child during birth, any number of things could go wrong and result in devastating consequences for families. Sadly, one family learned just how painful and costly an obstetrician’s mistake […]
Birth Injuries

Hospital’s delayed C-section prompts multi-million jury award

Parents may never be more vulnerable or dependent upon medical professionals in any situation other than child birth. Chicago hospitals, doctors and nurses are required to minimize the risk of birth injuries by carefully monitoring mothers in labor and their unborn children. Any preventable error during labor and delivery could cause permanent harm to a […]
Birth Injuries

Woman lit on fire during Cesarean-section surgery files lawsuit

A Cesarean-section is a common surgery performed on many Illinois women and other women in the U.S. who experience complications during the delivery of a baby or who are physically unable to have a vaginal birth. Although C-sections are commonly performed, doctors and other medical professionals are susceptible to making serious or fatal surgical errors […]
Surgical Errors

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