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Surgical Errors | Page 4 | Cirignani Heller & Harman, LLP

Surgical sponges now equipped with bar codes to prevent injuries

In order to better prevent surgical errors, a bar code reader is now being put to use in the medical industry to help make sure that any surgical sponges used during operations are not left in the bodies of patients after the procedures. Some mistakes during surgery are inevitable, but negligence from nurses and doctors […]

Illinois woman who suffered paralysis from surgery wins settlement

If you have a surgery coming up in the next few weeks or months, you might be feeling a little nervous about the procedure. You probably also have many questions for your doctor and the surgeon who will be performing the operation. What is the purpose of the operation? What will the next step be […]

Woman lit on fire during Cesarean-section surgery files lawsuit

A Cesarean-section is a common surgery performed on many Illinois women and other women in the U.S. who experience complications during the delivery of a baby or who are physically unable to have a vaginal birth. Although C-sections are commonly performed, doctors and other medical professionals are susceptible to making serious or fatal surgical errors […]

Family, Chicago facility reaches settlement over patient’s death

While performing surgery, Chicago doctors and other medical professionals present for the operation are required to follow a number of procedures in order to ensure the patient’s safety. This includes monitoring a patient’s vital signs, monitoring the incision site for an infection and carefully examining a patient to make sure that doctors did not mistakenly […]

Doctors pierce Illinois patient’s small intestine during surgery

Medical errors are not as uncommon in the U.S. as some people might like to believe. Unfortunately, when medical professionals do make serious mistakes, Illinois patients are not left unscathed. These mistakes can happen at any clinic, nursing home or hospital where medical professionals fail to put their patients’ health and needs first at all […]

Patients can take precautions to avoid surgical errors, part two

Earlier this week on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, we began discussing some precautions surgery patients can take in order to make sure that their doctors and other hospital staff are fully aware of the types of surgeries they are performing and that the surgeries will be performed on the correct body parts and […]

Patients can take precautions to avoid surgical errors, part one

It is tragic when already ill or injured patients in a Chicago hospital undergoing surgery suffer further injury because of surgical errors and medical malpractice. Although it is the responsibility of hospital staff and other medical professionals to make sure that they are following procedures closely in order to prevent themselves from making mistakes that […]

Chicago doctor says cosmetic surgery patients must do research

A University of Chicago doctor is warning patients who are thinking about cosmetic surgery to do their research before opting to have their surgery performed by their regular physician instead of a board-certified plastic surgeon. Because of changes in the healthcare industry, more physicians in Illinois are choosing to perform plastic surgeries on the side […]

Illinois tops list for providing large payouts in med mal suits, continued

Earlier this week, our Chicago medical malpractice law blog discussed some of the interesting findings a group of researchers discovered while analyzing data of surgical malpractice claims. Researchers concluded that although malpractice claims involving surgical errors have decreased over the years, injuries resulting from errors made before, during or after a surgery are amounting to […]

Illinois tops list for providing large payouts in med mal suits

An analysis regarding reports of medical malpractice in the United States suggests that fewer claims of surgical errors have been reported since the 1990s. However, the analysis also suggests that when a surgical error does occur, payouts for damages tend to be very high due to the extent of a patient’s injuries from a medical […]

Chicago doctor performs unwanted nose job on surgery patient

Hundreds of patients undergo surgery every day in Chicago. These surgeries are performed out of necessity to save lives and to fix minor health problems that others suffer on a daily basis. No matter how serious or minor a surgery is, health care professionals are still required to follow normal policies and procedures in order […]

Woman sues gynecologist for surgical error

When undergoing surgery, one understands that a variety of complications may arise that could affect the success of a surgery. But medical professionals in Illinois and throughout the United States are also held to the highest standards in order to ensure that the possibility of complications arising from asurgical error is slim. Errors such as […]

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