Types of surgery that were once considered invasive are now routine. As technology and education advance, surgical procedures are commonplace and viewed with less trepidation. This attitude, combined with inadequate staffing and qualification levels, can lead to complications.

In the several hours and even sometimes days after a surgery, it is important that every patient is carefully monitored and observed. Any number of changes could occur in your body after any kind of procedure. But because hospitals are handling a high volume of surgeries, many of these operations are considered routine and given cookie-cutter treatment, leading to surgical complications from poor patient monitoring.

“Routine is the enemy of good medicine.” — Attorney William A. Cirignani

After performing a surgical procedure enough times, doctors and nurses can miss small changes or details that can lead to large, life-altering complications. In many cases, these complications lead to death.

High volumes and commonplace instances aside, when you visit a hospital for any kind of surgery — routine or major — you should be able to trust that your surgeon is going to handle your operation with a unique and personalized level of attention. When this does not occur, it is medical malpractice and you should seek an attorney who will give you the services that your medical professional was lacking.

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