Nursing Errors

Nursing errorsNurses are the eyes and ears of doctors. While they are key players at hospitals and clinics, they are often improperly trained and overworked. Taken together, these factors can result in nurses making tragic, life-threatening medical errors.

At Cirignani Heller & Harman LLP, we understand that nurses work in difficult and sometimes hostile working conditions. However, we also understand that nurses are bound to follow certain standards of patient care, no matter how difficult their surroundings. We have more than twenty years of experience holding hospitals accountable for the serious mistakes of their nurses.

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Holding Hospitals Accountable for Nursing Errors

Our nursing errors lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of medicine because our law firm includes two licensed doctors, as well as a certified respiratory therapist. This unique background provides us with the ability to carefully evaluate cases in-house, determining if doctors or nurses failed to take the appropriate measures to diagnose and/or treat our clients.

We have successfully established liability in a variety of complicated hospital nursing error cases. For example, our attorneys recently handed a case involving a nurse who failed to follow the attending physician’s orders prescribing a newborn infant in the intensive care unit exactly 0.4 cc of fat in liquid form by vein every hour. This nurse administered an incorrect dosage, causing the infant to go into cardiac arrest.

We have also held hospitals accountable for other serious nursing mistakes, including:

Nursing Errors Attorneys in Chicago

Our Chicago hospital nursing errors lawyers committed to preparing and developing compelling cases that clearly illustrate fault to a judge or jury. Our lawyers will not hesitate to retain medical experts from a variety of fields and utilize the most current forms of technology in our efforts.

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Our nursing errors attorneys are dedicated to securing as much financial compensations as possible for medical malpractice victims. We will work with medical professionals to determine how much compensation will be needed to cover medications, surgeries, rehabilitative care, lost wages, loss of relationship, and future medical needs.

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If you or a loved one are a victim of an injury, and you wonder if doctor or hospital error may have been one of the causes, you may have a medical malpractice claim. The qualified Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Cirignani Heller & Harman, LLP, have successfully litigated thousands of injury claims and obtained substantial awards for victims of medical malpractice in the Greater Chicago area. We have board-certified physicians and medically-trained attorneys ready to review your claim and help you or your loved one seek justice.

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