• $5,157,000 Wrongful Death-Verdict (Illinois): A woman underwent abdominal surgery, including a small bowel resection. As can happen with such a surgery, the bowel was injured. In addition, an artery to the intestine was cut. The surgeon failed to recognize these problems and the woman died.
  • $1,600,000 Wrongful Death-Pretrial Settlement (Illinois): A woman underwent surgery to have nasal polyps removed. During the surgery a surgical instrument entered the cranial cavity, damaging an intracranial blood vessel. As a result, she suffered a subarachnoid bleed. She was unresponsive after the surgery at which point the injury was identified. She was transferred to a hospital after the procedure where she died from complications of the bleed.
  • $1,200,000 Wrongful Death-Pretrial Settlement (Illinois): Procedures like colonoscopies and endoscopies are routine and usually very safe. However, in colonoscopies, for example, a perforation (hole) can occur in the colon. When that happens, fecal matter (which is full of bacteria) can leak into the gut and cause severe infections. Consequently, medical providers must be diligent in monitoring for any signs of a perforation so it can be quickly repaired. The problem was not recognized promptly and the patient, a 75 year old woman, died after much suffering.

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