Before a steroid injection, it is a doctor’s responsibility to obtain informed consent based on the risks of the injections and the doctor’s level of experience.

Due to narrow alignment, extra caution must be taken when applying these injections to the upper back or in the thoracic or cervical spine. If this is not done, paralysis may occur, changing your life forever.

If a doctor is inexperienced in injecting steroids, he or she is required to inform his or her patient of this and any risks that may be involved. Many medical professionals are apprehensive to share this information because they know the likelihood that they will be permitted perform the injection will be significantly reduced.

If you believe your medical professional failed to seek informed consent, and you or a loved one has been paralyzed as a result of inexperience or the risks were not clearly outlined before the procedure, you may have a paralysis from steroid injections without informed consent medical malpractice claim.

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