Pain is running rampant in our country. The causes are plentiful and the cures are not. Steroid injections offering instant pain relief, however, have boomed onto the market in recent years.

Too many of these injections can lead to paralysis. Knowing this, doctors will still offer multiple epidural or hydrocortisone shots (such as Cortisol) on the premise of profit. The emotional addiction to the soothing level of pain brings patients back for more, and the shots only take a few moments to give and they cost around $2,000. A medical professional can make tens of thousands of dollars in an hour from selling these injections.

If the first injection does not make the client feel better, the patient should never come back for another. Yet, because of the massive amount of profit involved, doctors keep giving their clients steroid injections. This can lead to paralysis from repeat steroid injections.

If receiving multiple steroid injections has resulted in paralysis for you or a family member, you may have a medical malpractice claim.

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