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Every week, pediatricians can see countless patients with similar cold and flu symptoms. Without hesitation, they routinely recommend comfort drugs like Tylenol, which relieve the symptoms nearly 80 percent of the time. However, the most popular treatment is not always the most effective treatment. When pediatricians or other physicians fail to thoroughly examine an individual patient’s unique situation, the results can be disastrous.

At Cirignani Heller & Harman LLP, our attorneys hold medical professionals accountable for their negligent failure to diagnose all types of illnesses and diseases, including child infections. We have successfully protected clients in complicated misdiagnoses of child infection cases throughout the Chicagoland area of Illinois for more than twenty years.

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Holding Doctors Accountable

We are a unique law firm with both a legal and a medical background. Our attorneys include a certified respiratory therapist and two licensed physicians. As a result, we cannot be manipulated by insurance companies, and we don’t allow our clients to be manipulated either. We always take the time to clarify the legal process to our clients, and provide detailed medical explanations. When faced with difficult matters, clients need reassurance that their case is in skilled and compassionate hands.

While each case is unique, most failures to diagnose child infections result from the failure of the physician to conduct a differential diagnosis, which simply means going through every medical condition known that could reasonably cause the patient’s symptoms and rule out the most serious ones first.

For example, parents may rush their children to the hospital after they complain of headaches, neck pain and flu symptoms. A doctor’s first instinct might be that the child has the flu, but a red flag should go also go off since children rarely get headaches. If a doctor simply recommends an over-the-counter drug and fails to perform a spinal tap, critical time may be lost to diagnose bacterial meningitis or a sepsis. Similarly, when infants are irritable and not easily fed, they should be tested for bacterial meningitis. This is because infants are unable to inform the doctor that they have a headache, or that the light hurts their eyes. Irritability may be the only visible symptom of bacterial meningitis.

Seeking Compensation After-Surgery Complications

At Cirignani Heller & Harman LLP, our attorneys have extensive experience holding doctors liable for mistakes during operations resulting in serious bacterial infections. Over the years, we have successfully represented dozens of clients who suffered from closed wound infections, or abscesses.

While these types of post-surgical infections are not entirely uncommon, they still need to be drained and/or treated with medication in order to prevent them from becoming more serious or spreading. In many situations, doctors fail to drain the infection or prescribe the proper antibiotics. Failure to properly treat an infection can cause an abscess to grow and even lead to a potentially fatal case of meningitis.

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