Patients will often complain of having “the worst headache ever” while at a hospital, and a medical professional will excuse it as a result of stress. This phrase, however, is an indication of an impending brain aneurysm.

These headaches are also called “thunderclap headaches” because of their sudden and severe intensity. When a patient complains of this type of headache, a doctor should order an MRA scan immediately. Unfortunately, some medical professionals shrug it off, dismissing the pain as relative to another life circumstance or a migraine, leading to a misdiagnosis of brain aneurysms.

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It is important for doctors to be aware of these risks and to take immediate action when problems occur. Brain injuries, when left undetected, can lead to wrongful death. Patients who survive can suffer catastrophic long-term damage, including impairments to mobility, speech and cognitive functions.

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