One of the most beautiful things about us as human beings is that we are different. We each react differently to the world around us. This includes how we react to medicine. What may help one person may be fatal to the next. Nurses are trained to monitor how a patient responds to medication and it is one of their major responsibilities.

Unfortunately, due to under-staffing, there are often not enough nurses to go around keeping up on monitoring medication side effects. This is medical malpractice and it is unacceptable. Non-public aid hospitals are designed by insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to be profit powerhouses. And yet, many hospitals are consistently under-staffed, leaving patients with inadequate and sometimes even harmful care. This is a mortifying display of greed and medical malpractice.

When you visit a hospital and there is medication available for your ailment, you should be able to trust that the medicine with which you are being treated is right for you. The primary responsibility of a hospital and its staff is to safely and adequately treat its patients with compassion and the appropriate available medication.

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If this treatment has not been afforded you, it is considered medical malpractice and you should seek legal representation immediately.

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