Stethoscope and GavelHospitals are busy places. They are often under-staffed, and nurses and doctors are over-worked and exhausted. In many unfortunate circumstances, a shift comes to an end and a doctor’s order is not followed. There is a missing test, a test is not performed, the results are not examined, a treatment is not given or there is no follow up. Any number of things can be neglected in this fast-paced environment. These hospital malpractice errors from patient handoff can mean the difference between life and death.

Miscommunication, or lack thereof, is the leading cause in medical mistakes. More than half of all medical malpractice can be traced to what is forgotten or not said when a patient is transferred from one caregiver to another.

This large percentage has been recognized nationally, and plans have been put in place to prevent the errors that result in a muddled patient handoff, but unfortunately it still occurs. One such plan is called I PASS the BATON. This acronym instructs health care givers to work through a very thorough process that drastically minimizes room for error. Unfortunately, this is not always followed and mistakes are made.

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