Birth InjuryRh disease occurs when a woman with Rh negative blood type is pregnant by an Rh positive man. The fetus will always be Rh positive and even if the pregnancy terminates early, some fetal red blood cells will get into the mother’s system and lead to the development of Rh antibodies. This is called sensitization. These antibodies will destroy a fetus’ red blood cells before birth. There is usually no injury to the fetus during the sensitizing pregnancy, but the Rh positive fetus in a subsequent pregnancy can be severely injured even with prompt recognition and treatment.

The best way to avoid this injury is to properly treat the mother during the first pregnancy to avoid the sensitization by administering a drug called RHOgam. A severely affected fetus may die before birth or suffer severe newborn jaundice. At times the fetus may require exchange blood transfusion while in the uterus.

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