Do you need a Chicago brain injury lawyer?

Do you need a brain injury lawyer?Physician malpractice can cause brain injuries in any number of ways. These brain injuries generally occur when the brain fails to get the oxygen it needs for a certain length of time. The results can be devastating: memory loss, paralysis, coma, persistent vegetative state, and even death. At CHH Law, our medically-trained attorneys have handled numerous wrongful death and other medical malpractice cases. Cases in which doctors-anesthesiologists and surgeons-ER staff, and other medical professionals have been responsible for patient brain damage.

Experienced Chicago-based Brain Injury Lawyers

Our firm has attorneys that have also been trained medical professionals. They are well grounded in both legal practice and in the standards by which medical practitioners are judged in medical malpractice cases. During our long years of handling medical malpractice cases, we have represented clients whose loved ones have suffered brain injury due to doctor and surgeon error in cases involving:

  • Surgery: One common cause of death and brain injury related to surgery is blood clots. If the doctor or hospital staff is not vigilant, blood clots can form after surgery and go to the brain and cause disability or death. This is a particular concern for patients whose anti-coagulants have been stopped prior to surgery. Post-operative blood loss can lead to very low blood pressure and brain injury.
  • AnesthesiaEither excessively high blood pressure or low blood pressure during or immediately after surgery can also cause brain injury.
  • Missed brain hemorrhage: It is surprising how often an injured person who has been drinking or even thought to be drinking will be brought into the emergency room and pushed into a corner to “sleep it off” only to be found later with severe brain damage because the ER staff failed to check for brain injuries.
  • Inadequate stroke management: Most strokes are due to the sudden blockage of a brain artery with a clot. The injury to the brain from such a clot can be reduced, often substantially, if the stroke is recognized and treated within 4-6 hours of onset. Physicians must recognize a stroke and treat it within that 4-6 hour window.

Types of Brain Injuries