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Couples sue hospital after botched kidney transplant

Hospital settings often become the temporary home for many patients who have serious conditions and illnesses. Due to the fragile physical condition of patients, it’s imperative that hospitals take measures to ensure rooms and equipment are clean and sterile. It’s also crucial that hospitals take the time to routinely inspect building components that could potentially […]
Hospital Negligence

Woman sues hospital after falling from hospital bed

People who are ill or who have undergone a medical procedure are often required to stay in the hospital overnight. While in the hospital, patients readily depend upon members of the nursing and hospital staff to provide for their care and comfort. There are, however, a number of medical errors that can occur as nurses […]
Hospital Negligence

Nursing home profits, losses affect Illinois quality of care

Understaffed nursing homes are detrimental to residents who have the right to quality health care. Government and private nursing home operators operate within budgets that all too often take precedence over safety. Illinois nursing home neglect is just as likely to be caused by an overworked employee as it is a lax one. A 97-year-old […]
Nursing Home Neglect

Doctor sued for failing to properly remove medical device

Even seemingly minor or routine medical procedures require a doctor to use care, precision and skill. Doctors, however, are human and, just like most Illinois residents, have an off day now and then. Unfortunately, the medical profession does not allow for bad days and patients often pay the price. Parents who have a child with […]
Doctor Errors

Report: VA hospitals fail to be “accountable” for poor care

It’s not an understatement to say that Chicago residents trust health care professionals with their lives. It’s horrifying to think that medical malpractice could make your condition worse or kill you while under a hospital’s care, but it happens. According to a federal review, military veterans’ hospital may be among the worst offenders. Veterans Administration […]
Hospital Negligence

Do Chicago surgeons really leave tools inside patients?

Carelessness is not exclusive to accident-prone people. When you trip over a child’s toy, who’s to blame – the daughter who was told to put away her things or you for not watching your step? Consequences of careless actions vary. An at-home mishap could result in a bruise, cut or, in your daughter’s case, a […]
Surgical Errors

Illinois hospitals strive to reduce preventable medical errors

In Illinois, preventable medical errors contribute to the injury and death of thousands of patients. In addition to the harm suffered by patients, these medical errors also end up costing hospitals millions of dollars. In an effort to improve patient safety and reduce the number of preventable medical errors, many hospitals around the state have […]
Hospital Negligence

Surgeon accused of performing operation ‘doomed to fail’

Testimony in a medical malpractice lawsuit against an orthopedic surgeon suggests that the defendant not only botched the operation, but that he should never have tried to perform it in the first place. One expert witness said that the procedure the defendant attempted, inserting a metal plate onto the patient’s clavicle, was like trying to […]
Surgical Errors

Robotic system may be causing sensitive surgical errors

According to a report filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the manufacturer of a robotic surgery system is listed as a defendant in approximately 30 different product liability lawsuits. Intuitive Surgical is the company and its product is the da Vinci robotic surgical system. Adoption rates for this system have been climbing in […]
Surgical Errors

Suit alleges that sedatives led to fall, death of patient

Many families in Chicago have an older relative with symptoms of dementia. Often, these individuals become agitated very easily and when someone with dementia is admitted to the hospital, staff should be willing to work with the condition. That was not the case when a 76-year-old man was taken to the hospital for bowel issues […]
Hospital Negligence

Doctor commits 38 mistakes during surgery, suit alleges

Though most medical professionals are just that — professional — some in Cook, Illinois, may not have their patients in mind all of the time. If a doctor loses her or his focus, it is possible for mistakes to occur. This may be what happened in the case of one woman who recently filed a […]
Surgical Errors

Hospital vows changes after patient commits suicide

It is unusual for a hospital to admit its mistakes in the midst of a medical malpractice lawsuit. So it is surprising and encouraging to learn that a Chicago-area hospital did just that after one of its patients committed suicide while in the facility’s care. The hospital, Linden Oaks Psychiatric Hospital in Naperville, also recently […]
Hospital Negligence

Man says surgeon botched his nose jobs, left him deformed

A man who was left with a virtually useless nose after a string of 24 operations says his cosmetic surgeon is responsible for his current state. He has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the surgeon for allegedly performing operations he was not qualified to do, causing the man’s nose to become little more than […]
Surgical Errors

Woman’s breast augmentation results in life-altering injuries

It is certainly crucial that medical professionals in Chicago provide their patients with quality care when patients need medical treatment for traumatic injuries, life-threatening health complications or other serious medical problems. With an accurate diagnosis, timely treatment and proper care, injured and ill patients may have a better chance of recovering from their ailments with […]
Hospital Negligence

Fingertip infection not treated properly, Illinois patient sues

Chicago patients who must undergo intense surgical operations or medical treatments might assume that their risk of being injured by a doctor’s mistake is greater because of the complex nature of a surgery or medical treatment. But even patients who suffer from seemingly minor illnesses or injuries may be permanently harmed by doctors’ mistakes. Earlier […]
Doctor Errors

Evidence proving eye exam not performed may bolster med mal case

Our Chicago medical malpractice law blog has discussed a variety of mistakes that have been made when doctors were trusted by their patients to provide them with quality care. When these mistakes are made, patients have every right to take legal action in order to hold doctors accountable for their errors. We have also mentioned […]
Doctor Errors

Patient disfigured after Illinois surgeon damages spinal cord

As we have mentioned in other posts on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, there are risks that are associated with any type of surgery. However, surgeons, nurses and hospitals also have a duty to minimize and prevent these risks by providing their patients with the quality care that they need and deserve. When doctors […]
Surgical Errors

Lawsuit: Irreversible surgery leaves child with wrong genitalia

When Chicago doctors and hospitals are negligent, they risk making mistakes that may never be fixed or repaired. In addition to suffering physical scars and injuries, victims of medical malpractice may be left with emotional scars that they must deal with for the rest of their lives. This week, one couple’s lawsuit against two medical […]
Surgical Errors

Anesthesiologist accused of stabbing, injuring Illinois patient

Last month, it was reported that an anesthesiologist is being sued in Illinois for harming one of her patients. The medical malpractice lawsuit accuses the doctor of administering an epidural steroid injection incorrectly during a patient’s surgery. The doctor’s mistake has allegedly caused the patient to suffer permanent injuries from anesthesia complications. The lawsuit claims […]
Doctor Errors

Man suffered paralysis injuries while being admitted to hospital

On June 20, 2009, a man who had suffered from a psychiatric condition was taken to a hospital because he had become very disoriented from not taking his medication. While the man was being admitted to the hospital, a patient-care assistant restrained the man and sedated the patient. However, it took several hours for hospital […]
Hospital Negligence

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