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Doctor says inexperience cause of fatal robotic surgery mishaps

Last month on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, we had questioned whether doctors receive sufficient training before performing robotic surgeries on patients. The da Vinci robotic surgery system, which is manufactured by Intuitive Surgical Inc., was used to perform about 400,000 procedures in the U.S. last year, including hysterectomies, heart valve repair surgeries and […]
Surgical Errors

Young woman left brain damaged after endoscopy procedure

Earlier this year, a young woman had an endoscopy performed so that doctors could try to figure out what was causing the woman to experience odd stomach pain. The procedure involves inserting a small camera inside a patient’s body to get a close look at different organs and parts of the body. Although the procedure […]
Brain Injuries

Hospital blamed for man’s fatal stroke, fall complications

In Chicago, doctors may certainly face medical malpractice lawsuits if they fail to properly diagnose patients who have suffered strokes. When strokes are not diagnosed or treated as quickly as possible, patients may suffer disabling injuries, including paralysis, impaired speech, depression, or death. Medical professionals in Illinois may also face medical malpractice lawsuits for failing […]
Hospital Negligence

Chicago nursing home patient wins lawsuit over injuries from fall

We have mentioned before on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog that nursing home residents need to be carefully monitored, especially those who have trouble walking and getting out of bed on their own. Elderly nursing home patients may suffer broken bones or head injuries when they fall. They may also suffer additional health complications […]
Nursing Home Neglect

Should you settle your medical malpractice case or go to trial?

Several weeks ago on our Chicago medical malpractice law blog, we mentioned that medical malpractice lawsuits may take several years to resolve. Even though doctors’ errors may leave patients with permanent or disabling injuries, patients may not get the compensation they need to truly move on with their lives until they spend several years fighting […]
Medical Error

Illinois nursing home sued after patient freezes to death

It has been over a year now since an Illinois nursing home resident wandered outside of her facility and froze to death. The woman’s family announced last month that they are pursuing a wrongful deathlawsuit against the McHenry nursing home. The family says the nursing home had promised to provide 24-hour security for residents. However, […]
Wrongful Death

Patient sues doctor for performing surgery on the wrong knee

Last year, a patient underwent surgery to have a knee injury repaired. The man had a torn medial meniscus in his left knee, and shortly before the surgery was performed, the man’s doctor confirmed that he would be operating on the patient’s left knee. But by the time the patient came out of surgery, both […]
Doctor Errors

How long will your medical malpractice suit take to be resolved?

When a Chicago doctor makes a mistake while caring for you, the outcome of his or her negligence may have drastic effects on your life. While no one wants to go through a medical malpractice lawsuit, you may need to in order to recover expenses for medical bills and receive compensation for other damages. The […]
Medical Error

Cook County medical center named in surgical error lawsuit

Chicago patients who undergo surgical procedures need to be thoroughly monitored before, during and after surgery. Complications from surgery cannot always be avoided, but doctors may be able to prevent complications from causing serious or fatal injuries when they detect and address any problems right away. Unfortunately, when hospital workers and doctors deviate from the […]
Surgical Errors

Lawsuit: Clinic gave woman vitamins instead of birth control pills

While some medication errors may be life threatening, it seems others may be life giving. Demonstrating the importance of assuring patients in the U.S. are given correct medications, a medical clinic was named in a malpractice lawsuit after mistakenly giving a woman the wrong pills. The patient had gone to the clinic for birth control […]
Medication Errors

Hospital sued for leaving 16 objects in patient after surgery

Doctors are not perfect and they are susceptible to making errors when treating patients in Chicago. Many errors are minor and cause patients no harm. But when doctors clearly deviate from the standard of care, their mistakes can be devastating, especially when mistakes occur while doctors are treating patients who are already suffering from serious […]
Surgical Errors

Jury: Doctor did not cause fire that burned woman during C-section

There are many risks Chicago patients face when they undergo any type of surgical procedure. But as we have mentioned before on our medical malpractice law blog, these risks can also be significantly reduced when hospitals and doctors focus on patient safety and providing quality medical care. One type of surgical error that is entirely […]
Hospital Negligence

Man can no longer have children, Chicago hospital sued for error

Hospital negligence often causes Chicago patients to suffer severe or fatal injuries and health complications. But hospital negligence can also harm patients emotionally and mentally without causing any physical damage. When this happens, a harmed patient may want to consider consulting an experienced medical malpractice attorney who will help the patient determine whether he or […]
Hospital Negligence

Surgeon and device maker accused of experimenting on patient

Sometimes surgeons may forget to disclose important information to Chicago patients. This is certainly a form of negligence. But are there some surgeons out there who intentionally conceal information from patients? One woman’s medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that her physician intentionally concealed information about her surgery because she was being used as an experiment. The […]
Surgical Errors

Report: Low malpractice payouts are no sign of patient safety

A consumer advocacy group, Public Citizen, recently reported that payments for U.S. medical malpractice claims have been dropping steadily for eight years. Payments in 2011 were the lowest on record since 1991. Chicago patients and their families might certainly be inclined to interpret this information as positive news. After all, fewer payments mean fewer instances […]
Medical Error

Hospital’s delayed C-section prompts multi-million jury award

Parents may never be more vulnerable or dependent upon medical professionals in any situation other than child birth. Chicago hospitals, doctors and nurses are required to minimize the risk of birth injuries by carefully monitoring mothers in labor and their unborn children. Any preventable error during labor and delivery could cause permanent harm to a […]
Birth Injuries

Chicago hospital failed to inform family about patient’s death

When a patient is taken to an emergency room to receive treatment for life-threatening injuries, a serious illness or other medical condition, it is expected that Chicago medical professionals will do whatever they can to try to save the patient’s life. In the event that a patient’s life cannot be saved, even after providing quality […]
Hospital Negligence

Illinois woman not informed about risks of Zoloft while pregnant

Recent research has suggested that the use of anti-depressants such as Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil during pregnancy could be harmful to unborn babies, possibly causing birth defects and other health complications. Pharmaceutical companies certainly have a responsibility to inform Illinois consumers and the medical community about these risks in order to avoid and prevent these […]
Hospital Negligence

Man dies from physical activity, doctor held partly responsible

There have probably been plenty of times when you have forgotten to tell someone something you were supposed to tell them. Although this might not have caused any major problems, forgetting to tell someone something probably caused some sort of disruption in plans or tasks. Communication is important. It helps families to organize their busy […]
Doctor Errors

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