William Cirignani Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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WILLIAM A. CIRIGNANI: I initially wanted to become an attorney for the wrong reasons. I wanted to do it for money and prestige. But after becoming an attorney, and particularly when I began to practice and the medical malpractice arena, doing plaintiffs work, I like what I do because what I do helps people.

People come into my office because they are hurting deeply and they want an answer to the pain that they are feeling. I tell them right off the bat that what we do cannot fix their pain. But what we can do is hold people accountable for the things that have happened to them, and to give them some relief in a sense that if they are injured we can provide them money that will help them take care of themselves. Or if they have lost someone, to replace income or to help them at least move forward with their lives.

Our top priority with our clients is to give them the best possible lawyering that they can have for their case, as well as to help them cope with their future, an uncertain future.