Medical Malpractice Attorney Chicago Cirignani Heller & Harman

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WILLIAM A. CIRIGNANI: Our firm has always done medical malpractice work. But about 10 years ago we made a decision to focus exclusively on medical work. We have a built in medical expertise. My partner, Stan Heller is a board certified cardiologist who graduated from Johns Hopkins and went to law school at Northwestern. Jim Harman is a board certified respiratory therapist. That gives us a particular advantage in this type of litigation.

STANLEY J. HELLER: One of the difficulties non-medically trained people have is they do not know what is missing. And it is more often what is missing than what is present in medical records that ultimately gives you the clue as to what happened.

WILLIAM A. CIRIGNANI: Our firm has handled cases that have been turned down by other lawyers who had told the client that there was no case. When the client came to us we were able to identify what those lawyers missed. And we were able to help those clients.

STANLEY J. HELLER: It is very important when you choose a lawyer to help you with a medical malpractice case that they have both the legal and medical experience to first of all, figure out what happened in the case. Find the negligence, find the causation. And then articulate it to a jury in a way that a jury will understand. And we are very good at it.