Lawsuit asserts 3-year-old’s death caused by medication errors

A 3-year-old girl recently lay in a hospital room hooked up to machines that kept her heart beating and lungs working. She had been in this vegetative state since undergoing a so-called routine dental procedure in early December. According to a recently filed medical malpractice lawsuit, the girl’s parents are blaming the girl’s dentist for causing the girl’s serious injuries and subsequent death.
According to the lawsuit, the dentist informed the girl’s parents that the girl had several cavities and needed root canals. While undergoing the invasive dental procedures, the young girl was given medication to sedate her. It was this medication that is believed to have caused the 3-year-old to suffer a cardiac arrest.

As a result of the cardiac arrest, the girl’s heart failed to pump blood to her brain for an extended period of time. She suffered extensive and irreversible brain damage which left her in a vegetative state. She died this past weekend.

The girl’s parents have been left to deal with their tremendous loss and numerous questions remain related to those factors that may have contributed to the girl’s injuries and death. A medical malpractice lawsuit that was recently filed will likely aid the grieving parents in discovering exactly what caused their otherwise healthy little girl to suffer a cardiac arrest and brain damage.

The lawsuit asserts that medications administered during the dental procedure caused the girl’s injuries. Furthermore, the dentist and dental practice are accused of leaving the young girl unmonitored for 26 minutes and for failing to have the proper equipment to deal with a medical emergency of this magnitude.

Families impacted by medical mistakes are often left with many questions and few answers. In cases where a loved one suffers serious injuries such as brain damage after undergoing surgery, questions related to what medications were given as well as how a patient was monitored and treated must be answered.

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